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Refunds for Subscriptions Automatically Canceled due to Service Merger

Thank you for supporting Manga Planet.

As mentioned previously, Manga Planet Library and futekiya Library, both of which operated independently of each other, have been merged into one Manga Planet on April 3, 2023.

In light of this merge, those who were subscribed to both Manga Planet Library and futekiya Library had one subscription automatically canceled, and the other transferred to the new Manga Planet.

Regarding these automatically canceled subscriptions, refunds will be handled in accordance with the rules we have set out. The refund amount will depend on the type of your canceled subscription plan and its remaining length of time.

Please refer to our previous post for more information.

Rules for Transferring Subscription to the New Manga Planet

We would like to ask users who are eligible for refunds to please check their subscription status in the Billing Management section of their dashboard.

After checking your subscription status, if you have any issues or questions regarding the automatic cancellation, please contact us by 11:59PM (UTC) of April 16, 2023 through the form below:

If we do not hear from you by 11:59PM (UTC) of April 16, we will assume that you have no issues or questions regarding the automatic cancellation of one of your subscriptions, and will proceed with refunding you by mid-April 2023.

*Note: We will let you know via email once your refund has been processed.

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