Our History

Manga Planet is a collaborative project between FANTASISTA, INC. and Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. Our goal is to publish original manga for the world and share the latest in manga culture, events, and more with global manga fans. We are working to create intercultural and global conversations among manga fans, artists, editors, and publishers and enable creators to make new stories, art, and manga.

The Birth of Manga Planet

Starting out as a Facebook page in 2012, we grew into a project between Japanese manga publishers and creators to interact with manga and anime fans. In 2015, Manga Planet attended the Cool Japan Festival in Mumbai and the Delhi Comic Con. To forge relationships with manga fans in India, Manga Planet has since supported and participated in many more manga and anime events in India.

Our First Step Forward

With the goal to bring new manga to fans from all over the world, Manga Planet began publishing The Golden Age of Decadence and After School! in 2017. Currently, we have five original manga series running on our website.

Spreading Our Wings

In July and November 2019, respectively, we launched our two subscription services to bring officially licensed manga to fans all over the world: the BL-exclusive futekiya Library and the multi-genre Manga Planet Library.


Aiming for further growth, we merged both libraries to create the new, integrated Manga Planet in April 2023.

Future Goals

In the future, we intend to go beyond our digital manga subscription service by expanding into print manga, merchandise sales, and other ventures. Through these, we hope to connect manga fans with industry figures such as artists, editors, and publishers — thus enabling fans to enjoy the manga-enthusiast life to the fullest.

Read Free

We allow users to preview titles in our library by making the first chapter — or even beyond, for selected titles — available for free. Through free previews, you can get a feel of not only what a title is like, but also whether Manga Planet’s line-up is for you.

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Read with Points

The individual-purchase model is recommended for users looking only for specific titles. For a reasonable price, you can digitally rent chapters or volumes for a specific period of time, or digitally purchase to access them for an unrestricted period of time.

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Unlimited Reading with Subscription

Our subscription plan gives you access to a vast selection of manga for a fixed price. Choose from five different plans according to your budget and lifestyle: 1 Week, 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months, and 12 Months. This is our best-known option, and we recommend it for those who read a lot of manga.

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Read with Gift Code

Gift codes offer an alternative to a subscription to Manga Planet. Treat your friends to a subscription!

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