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General Question on Manga

“Manga” is the Japanese word for a comic or comic strip​. In English, “manga” is used as a term to describe comics/graphic novels created or published in Japan.
Shojo is a genre of manga in Japan, which targets young women as its primary audience.
Josei is a genre of manga in Japan that targets adult women in their 20s or older as its primary audience.
Shonen is a genre of manga in Japan that targets male readers from elementary to high school age.
Seinen is a genre of manga in Japan that is intended primarily for male readers above the shonen age group.
“BL” is short for “Boys’ Love,” a genre of manga that broadly centers on the relationship and romance between male characters. The term “yaoi” is often used in English to mean BL manga.
GL stands for "Girls' Love," a genre of manga that broadly depicts relationships and romance between female characters. GL is sometimes called "yuri".
Yuri is a genre of manga featuring relationships between female characters. Works that include not only romance between women but also friendship close to romance and friendship at large are often referred to as "yuri."

General Question on Manga Planet

Manga Planet is a service that provides access to officially licensed Japanese manga through subscription, purchase, or rental. By charging a reasonable fee for the legal distribution of Japanese manga, Manga Planet supports artists, publishers, and the manga industry as a whole.
Yes, we are. All titles released on Manga Planet are officially licensed and through subscription, purchase, or rental, you are helping to support artists, publishers, and the comics industry as a whole.
Manga Planet is a joint project of FANTASISTA ,INC. and DNP. FANTASISTA started out as a company specializing in 3DCG production, planning, and production of a wide variety of media. Subsequently, through the establishment and operation of Manga Planet, we have developed a service that provides manga to readers and fans around the world.
We are based in Japan. Therefore, Manga Planet's operations run in JST (Japan Standard Time) time zone.
You can read the first chapter of the first volume of each title without registering for an account. However, if you would like to read more, you must register for a free account with a valid email address. You must also register for a free account first to read chapters that require a subscription, purchase, or rental.

Account Registration

You can register by filling out the form from the link below.
You may register using your email address and a password, or by linking your Google or Facebook account.
Registering an account unlocks all the features of Manga Planet. You can also pay a monthly fee to become a subscriber, which allows you to read as many titles as you want, or you can pay by volume or by chapter, which allows you to read specific titles only.


Please click on the link below to select a subscription plan and payment method.
Yes. If you decide you would like to cancel your subscription, you may do so at any time.

Account Management

No. In the Terms of Service, under 2. User Account Security clause 2, it is stated that users are not permitted to allow others to use their accounts.
Once you have logged into your registered account, you can change your information by going to “Account Settings”.
You can delete your account from your account profile. Under “Account Management,” there is a red “Delete Your Account” button. When you click this button, an alert will appear. Click “Yes, delete this account” to permanently delete your account.
Alert – Once you delete your account, you will not be able to use the same e-mail address you previously used to sign up again.


No. We offer our content through an online reader. No downloading an app and using up your phone’s storage required.
We recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome to view the contents of Manga Planet.
Recommended operating systems are:
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Android
  • iOS
  • iPadOS


No. Currently we offer content only in English.
On the detail page of each title, there are direct sharing links found under “About.” We welcome you to share the titles as long as copyrights are not infringed. Please do NOT upload the content itself.
Thank you for your notice. Please contact us using our Contact Us form and let us know of the error and we will correct it. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.
If any of our content is found uploaded to any website other than Manga Planet, it is an act of copyright infringement and is illegal. We would appreciate it if you could report the website using our Contact Us form.
You can check the schedule for the releases by date or check a specific title’s release dates from its detail page.
Although we do not formally accept title requests, we actively read and welcome your opinions on Twitter and on contact forms. Please understand that we may not respond to each request individually. Additionally, we sometimes ask on our Community Surveys which titles and genres you would like to see more of so please, keep an eye out!


No. We do not collect credit card information. Subscription payments are made through Stripe or PayPal. Please refer to Stripe or PayPal’s privacy policy for more details.
Stripe is a third-party payment platform used for payments within Manga Planet.
PayPal is a third-party payment platform used for subscription service transactions.
Subscription renewal dates vary by user and can be tracked through the Subscription Management function.
Manga Planet, Stripe, and PayPal cannot determine the exact reason why your credit card was declined. Please contact the company that issued your credit card. In general, the following are the most common reasons for credit card rejection:
  • It does not support recurring billing, such as subscriptions.
  • It does not support overseas payments (Manga Planet is operated by a Japanese company).
  • Your credit card's credit score is low.
Gift Codes are a combination of alphanumeric characters which you can redeem and use to access the Manga Planet.
Points are virtual tokens that you can purchase through the Manga Planet Authentication System or receive for free from the operating team.


No. We are not selling any merchandise at this time.
Although we do not formally accept new feature requests, we actively read and welcome your opinions about Manga Planet on Twitter and on contact forms. Please understand that we may not respond to each submission individually, but greatly appreciate the constructive criticism and support.
We do not formally accept submissions of original works but would be delighted if they were uploaded on Twitter. Please do understand we may not respond to each individual upload.
No. We do not accept contents written by a third party.
No. We do not display advertisements of a third party on our website.
We currently do not have open positions. We will post information about recruitment on our website if we are opening for hire.

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