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Manga Planet Licenses 18 Shojo, Josei, and Seinen Titles from FUNGUILD!

Ichiko Takechi’s “I Won't Get Married,” Kurumi Mizuki’s “Scabiosa,” and Yumemitsuki’s “ROOMMATES~ROOMmates x roomMATES~” coming soon to Manga Planet!

We’re delighted to announce the license acquisition of 18 manga titles* of the Shojo, Josei, and Seinen genres from FUNGUILD!

The titles are organized by genre and in alphabetical order as follows:


Josei (4 Titles)

  • I Won’t Get Married by Ichiko Takechi
  • I’m Having an Affair While Being Embraced by My Husband by Rui Ichikizaki
  • Love Verification – Is Marriage With a Man With Zero Chemistry Possible? by Kodachi
  • The Right Way To Touch Me by Aoha Yamakura


Seinen (7 Titles)

  • A Woman Who Destroys the Office ー I Just Want to be Happy by Chiaki Mase
  • Boss, How about an Affair? by Niko Satsuki
  • Crazy Love Triangle by Mizue
  • Happy Family by Tokei Shisei / Aonuma
  • New Normal by Akito Aihara
  • Scabiosa by Kurumi Mizuki
  • Too Overwhelmed By My Boss To Fall In Love by Hazuki Minamino


Shojo (7 Titles)

  • Getting Married To a Good-For-Nothing ~Would This Marriage Work?~ by Toma Huji
  • I Want to Make My Demon Boss Blush! by Yuki Komachi
  • ROOMMATES~ROOMmates x roomMATES~ by Yumemitsuki
  • Sexual Liberation: To Each Their Own Form of Love by Alt Hanakage
  • Shuya Is My Shallow Tengu Housemate by Ten Amanatsu
  • The Love Of Shadow Hinata by Chinami Akio
  • The Vengeance Of Leah〜 A Girl Who Lost Everything’s Vow To A Reaper by Nagi Mashiro


*Release dates to be announced later.


Fans can read these titles and more via the new Manga Planet, an integration of the Manga Planet Library and futekiya Library launching in spring 2023. 

The new Manga Planet will have four categories: 

  • Shojo / Josei
  • Shonen / Seinen
  • BL (futekiya)
  • GL (Yuri)


By subscribing to its all-you-can-read plan, and/or renting or purchasing individual chapters and volumes, Manga Planet users can access a variety of manga titles from publishers, mangaka, and independent artists, including but not limited to Kodansha Ltd., WANIBOOKS Co., Ltd., Parsola Inc., highstone, Inc., Starts Publishing, Shodensha Publishing, Thirdline, SOZO Comics, Tokuma Shoten, Home-sha, Inc., LEED Publishing Co., Ltd., SAN-EI Corporation, SHONENGAHOSHA, I.T. Planning, Inc., Hobby Japan, futurecomics Co. Ltd., COMPASS Inc., OHZORA Publishing Co.,Ltd., Masaya Hokazono, and Nakashima723.

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