Manga Planet’s Year-End Points Sale 2023

We’ve just launched our Year-End Points Sale, which runs from December 5–25, 2023 in Japan Standard Time (JST)! At the same time, we’re also introducing three new Points packages for those who wish to buy a large amount of Points in bulk: 30,000 Points, 50,000 Points, and 100,000 Points.

During this sale period, readers can avail of Manga Planet’s Points packages at discounts ranging from 10% to 20% off.

Our Points packages and corresponding prices are as follows. As a show of appreciation, we offer additional bonus Points (that’s right: free Points!) to users who purchase packages of 3,000 Points or more.


Points Package Regular Price Sale Price Discount Bonus Points
300 Points 3.00 USD 2.70 USD 10% OFF
500 Points 5.00 USD 4.50 USD 10% OFF
1,000 Points 10.00 USD 9.00 USD 10% OFF
3,000 Points 30.00 USD 25.50 USD 15% OFF +200 Points
5,000 Points 50.00 USD 42.50 USD 15% OFF +400 Points
10,000 Points 100.00 USD 85.00 USD 15% OFF +900 Points
30,000 Points 300.00 USD 240.00 USD 20% OFF +3,000 Points
50,000 Points 500.00 USD 400.00 USD 20% OFF +5,500 Points
100,000 Points 1,000.00 USD 800.00 USD 20% OFF +12,000 Points


Each Point is worth 0.01 USD (1 cent), and can be purchased via PayPal or Stripe.

Purchased and bonus Points alike have a maximum validity period of 180 days from the date of purchase. Regardless of reason, Points are non-refundable, and their validity period cannot be extended.

Introduced in 2022, Points can be used to digitally rent or purchase titles on Manga Planet’s library. Accessibility options for titles on Manga Planet vary according to publishers’ terms, with selected titles exclusively readable via Points. Additionally, selected titles have chapters or volumes readable as a preview via Manga Planet Pass (subscription plan), with the rest exclusively readable via Points.






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