A Sweet and Spicy BL Winter Fair to Warm Your Winter: Over 100 Titles at 30% OFF!

As a show of our appreciation for our readers who have shown continued support for Manga Planet, we’re launching a holiday treat for you: the Sweet and Spicy BL Winter Fair! Running in four parts from December 27, 2023 to February 20, 2024, this sale features a total of 118 Boys’ Love (BL) titles at 30% off!

The four parts of Manga Planet’s Sweet and Spicy BL Fair, as well as the titles on sale during each part, are as follows:


Part One

December 27, 2023 to January 9, 2024 (30 Titles)


  • A Steamy Romance Blossoms at the Secret Springs Chapters 1–7, by Banana Nangoku
  • Although I’m a Straight Office Worker, A Freeloader is Making Me Moan Every Night Chapters 1–6, by Fuji Isshiki
  • Beloved Succubus Belongs to a Guard Dog Chapters 1–6, by Saaya Sara
  • Can I Practice Sex with You, Teacher? Chapters 1–23, by Mika Aso
  • Did You Cum During Class? – The Teacher is the Delinquent’s Toy Chapters 1–6, by Ginta Warabi 
  • Do Your Job, Incubus! ~Another Night of Naughty Service for You Chapters 1–7, by Gurida Soumu
  • How to Mess with a Feisty Kitten Chapters 1–7, by Saaya Sara
  • I Didn’t Ask You to Make Love to Me! The Man I’m Obsessed With is a Male Porn Star Chapters 1–31, by Saike Natsuhara
  • I Only Want to Sleep With My Doctor. Chapters 1–7, by Fumito
  • I’ll Play With You, and Your Suit Too Chapters 1–7, by Kei Awai
  • I’m Being Hunted Down by my Slutty Superior for my Abnormally Large Schlong!? Chapters 1–6, by Hoshita
  • I’m Getting Conquered by a Beautiful Male Cosplayer Chapters 1–7, by Jagiiwa
  • Liar Mate: Let That Scent Soak Deep Inside Chapters 1–26, by Hazuki Natsu
  • Mimori’s Naughty Mouth Chapters 1–30, by rasu
  • My Beloved Bathroom Slut Chapters 1–8, by Kokoro Namino
  • My Roommate Obsesses Over Me Chapters 1–6, by Natsu Saito
  • Nanase the Idol’s Ω Secret Chapters 1–7, by Ginta Warabi
  • No Messing Around With Your Teacher! Chapters 1–6, by Senco Yoshimoto
  • See You at the Pink Porno Chapters 1–7, by Yoko Misumi
  • Sex Domination!! -Let’s Decide Who’s On Top Once and For All- Chapters 1–6, by konno
  • The Impatient Heir Chapters 1–7, by Yui Asakura
  • The Naughty Boy’s Way of Love Chapters 1–7, by Yoko Onohara
  • The Newbie Host Gets Disciplined on the Bed Chapters 1–7, by Potato Yamamori
  • The Pure-Hearted Puppy and the Erotic Tattoo Chapters 1–7, by Yoko Misumi
  • The Stripper’s Raunchy Antics Chapters 1–13, by Kunihara
  • This Guy at the Gym Is Way Too Hot!! – He’ll Even “Practice” With Me at Night! Chapters 1–7, by Meguro
  • This Slut’s in the Midst of a Hot Love Scandal! Chapters 1–7, by Fumito
  • Underneath the Uniform: A Twisted First Love Chapters 1–7, by Shigeru Itoi
  • We’re Lovers Now! – This Big Mutt Moves Fast Chapters 1–6, by Abuku
  • Yutori Has His Eye on His Boss’ Body Chapters 1–7, by Fumito



Part Two

January 10–23, 2024 (30 Titles)


  • After-Shoot Snack Chapters 1–7, by Potato Yamamori
  • Delinquent Omega Belongs to the Beast King! Chapters 1–21, by Kumagoroshi
  • Dream Guy Drinks a Love Potion and Goes Wild! Chapters 1–14, by Banana Nangoku
  • Eishi Tsuji Doesn’t Do Love Chapters 1–8, by rasu
  • Fast and Loose with a Devilish Little Model Chapters 1–7, by Kei Awai
  • Forced into heat by his scent! Chapters 1–6, by Gurida Soumu
  • Gal-guy! Come Have Some Pervy Fun with This Dirty Young Man Chapters 1–7, by Fuji Isshiki
  • How to convince your best friend to sleep with you Chapters 1–7, by Maki Harukawa
  • I Didn’t Ask You to Eat Me! Chapters 1–7, by Nui Kumano
  • I don’t care if it’s a performance, just devour me! Chapters 1–7, by Chizunaru
  • I Got Stuck Teaching an Airhead Novelist About Love Chapters 1–7, by Natsu Saito
  • I Love my Best Friend Chapters 1–7, by Washio Tobi
  • I Never Asked For Night Service! Chapters 1–7, by Ataru Kimi
  • I Won’t Give Up until You Embrace Me! Chapters 1–7, by Nui Kumano
  • I’ll Make This Yakuza My Prisoner! Chapters 1–6, by Saaya Sara
  • Intellectual Yakuza Who Embraces, Loves and Won’t Let Go! Chapters 1–7, by Hitoe Mabuta
  • Love at First Sight with Your Cute Nipples Chapters 1–14, by Mima
  • Midnight Porn – Who will be my partner tonight? Chapters 1–8, by Senco Yoshimoto
  • Mr. Wolf Is Violently Smothering Me with Love Chapters 1–7, by Abuku
  • My Childhood Friend’s an Overly-Attached Love Monster! Chapters 1–6, by Fuji Isshiki
  • My Sadistic Secretary’s Sweet Voice Always Makes Me Come Chapters 1–7, by Mima
  • My Unfriendly Manager Chapters 1–6, by Nana Nanato
  • Perverted Boss’s Private Porno Chapters 1–7, by Hachiko Sato
  • Reward Me with Your Body, Sir Chapters 1–7, by Reo Ohno
  • Show Me Your Sexy Side, Caretaker! Chapters 1–6, by Senco Yoshimoto
  • Stop Taking Photos of Me During Sex! Chapters 1–7, by Maki Harukawa
  • Ten Years’ Worth of Love! Eat Up! Chapters 1–7, by Abuku
  • The Rich Middle-Aged Man Immediately Falls to the Delivery Boy Chapters 1–7, by Mima
  • The Younger Chef Melts Me With his Begging Chapters 1–7, by Risu Mitsuya
  • You’re My Prey – I Can’t Believe I’m Being Eaten by an Herbivorous Rabbit! Chapters 1–7, by Ginta Warabi



Part Three

January 24 to February 6, 2024 (29 Titles)


  • A Boy Who Wet His Pants – Café de Doting Love: Don’t drink it! It’s my extra strong latte Chapter 1, by Shigeru Itoi
  • A Broken Heart Ally Chapter 1, by Jun Shinogi & Takeru Hisanagi
  • A Callboy’s Secret Chapters 1–7, by Saaya Sara
  • A Gay Video and a Huge Awakening: 7 days drenched in man juice Chapters 1–2, by Reiji Togakushi
  • A Romance with My Older Brother’s Ex-Boyfriend Chapters 1–4, by Yoko Onohara
  • A Sexy Contract of Blind-Love with My Scumbag Boss Chapters 1–7, by Ataru Kimi
  • A Shrine of Male Relationships: Lost Anal Virgin in Threesome Chapter 1, by Torino Rakuda
  • Anon User “College Student” is Being Trained to Dry Orgasm. Chapters 1–6, by Leo Hoshizaki
  • Boys Only Sex Classroom: Hot-Blooded Hole Training, Please! Chapter 1, by Reiji Togakushi
  • Closet DT Boys Teach You: How to Really Have Exciting Sex Chapters 1–2, by Miyoko Matsumoto
  • COVERED WITH WHITE SYRUP SEX APP: peachy butt install Chapter 1, by Miyoko Matsumoto
  • Dangerous Vices of a Gentleman Loan Shark Chapters 1–7, by Hachiko Sato
  • Fall For Me, Okay, Suzume? ~ Mr. Perfect Is Toying With Me Chapters 1–7, by Hamachi
  • Haru and Rui’s Meow-nderful Life! Chapters 1–7, by Maki Harukawa
  • Host Dormitory Housekeeper Chapter 1, by Midori Suzukino
  • I Was Pushed Down by a Tough-Looking Flashy Guy! ~Embrace Me Without Questions~ Chapters 1–7, by Akira Sakanishi
  • Love Nuisance Preventing Regulations: What do you do if you feel like somebody’s watching you from behind? Chapter 1, by Megumi Hidaka
  • Scripted Marriage: Start! – Caught Up in a Love Trap! Chapters 1–7, by Nica Kitabeppu
  • The Chief’s Crying Face Got Me Hard? Chapters 1–5, by Meguro
  • The Cursed Hole of the Shinoda Family: Instant Fusion + A Seal Broken by a Mischievous Boy Chapter 1, by Shuichi Saida
  • The Feel-good Deadline Chapter 1, by konno
  • The Sadistic Editor in Chief’s Forbidden Guidance Chapters 1–7, by Potato Yamamori
  • This Confident Virgin is Weak to Sex! Chapters 1–7, by Bando
  • This Occult Part-Time Job is an Erotic Experiment!? Chapters 1–6, by Kosaji
  • This Porn Star Just Doesn’t Listen Chapters 1–3, by Hosita
  • Touch me, please: I’ll be waiting in the 8th car at 7:45 every morning. Chapters 1–2, by Marinosuke
  • WE BECAME THE WIVES OF BEASTS TODAY! Chapters 1–2, by Hazuki Natsu
  • We Shouldn’t Embrace Just Because We Drank Alcohol – Endless Sex with a Relentless Beast Chapters 1–7, by Yoyo



Part Four

February 7–20, 2024 (29 Titles)


  • Are You Ready to Get Fucked by Me? – I Got Fucked by an Elite Chapters 1–7, by Yukari Kimura
  • Can a Demonic Teacher Be This Lewd? Chapters 1–7, by Tamuko Kuwata
  • Complex Laboratory Chapters 1–7, by Koame Nanamasu
  • Egotistical Sex with an Arrogant Celebrity Chapters 1–5, by Kumagoroshi
  • Enchanting Temptation on the Outer Limit Chapters 1–4, by Nobita Akiharu
  • I Can’t Believe I’m Doing It With the Guy I Hate! ~The Mad Dog Delinquent Makes Me Come~ Chapters 1–3, by Bando
  • I Can’t Run Away From My Brother-In-Law! I Just Lost My Virginity Chapters 1–3, by Mima
  • I Wanna Bite Into Your Hot Body Chapters 1–5, by Ichika Mizuzoku
  • I Want to Know You through the Touch of Your Skin Chapters 1–7, by Yuki Nagori
  • I, a Virgin, Became Friends with Benefits with a Grim Reaper Chapters 1–4, by konno
  • I’m a Host at a Club, but my Completely Sadistic Customer is Manipulating Me Instead! Chapters 1–3, by Akira Sakanishi
  • I’m Being Used as a Toy by the One I Hate! Chapters 1–7, by Benomoto
  • Kiss Me like You Did that Day Chapters 1–3, by Nana Nanato
  • Lay Me to Sleep! Chapters 1–7, by Gen Kurinomaru
  • Maiden Summoning – To Break the Beast Prince’s Curse, We Must Have Sex! Chapters 1–6, by Hazuki Natsu
  • Malicious Butler’s Erotic Training – I Can’t Oppose This Sadist Chapters 1–7, by Maki Harukawa
  • My Cute Expressionless Lover Chapters 1–4, by Maro Fukai
  • My Student’s My Type, and I Want Him to Take Me! Chapters 1–7, by Nica Kitabeppu
  • Sex Happens Off-Set! – My Childhood Friend is an Animal at Night Chapters 1–6, by Risu Mitsuya
  • The Call Boy Wants It Inside ~Can You Look at Me When I Come?~ Chapters 1–7, by Meguro
  • The Corporate Slave Wants to be Fucked by the Extremely Sadistic Gangster Chapters 1–7, by Ataru Kimi
  • The Dirty Rabbit’s Gratitude Chapters 1–5, by Pyon Niwasaki
  • The Idol likes to be Touched. Chapters 1–7, by Gisho Akagi
  • The Marriage of a Tyrant King Chapters 1–6, by rasu
  • The Wicked Idol’s Love is Way Too Much! -We Shouldn’t be Having This Much Sex! Chapters 1–7, by Kiyu Utano
  • Wataru Can’t Wait on Command Chapters 1–4, by Yosa Yokoyama
  • Would You Let Me Support You With Money and Love? ~Lessons About Pleasure With the No.1 Host~ Chapters 1–6, by Kazu Akizuki
  • You Can Try My Body if You Want! ~Sex With a Horny Man on an Uninhabited Island~ Chapters 1–7, by Yoyo
  • Your Virginity is Mine ~My Childhood Friend is Bullying Me Sexually~ Chapters 1–7, by Hamachi



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