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I Want to Have Normal Sex! ~Wild Sex of a Man and a Woman with Unbreakable Habits~

“I won’t hold back.” He spreads my legs wide open, and inserts his lewd fingers inside me… it feels too good, I can’t take it! I, who’s insecure about her unfeminine physique, was caught taking down a thief by my popular coworker, Kurusu. I thought he’d be creeped out by my insane strength, but instead said, “You’d be the perfect match for my play!” What’s he talking about!? I was perplexed at first, but things took a turn when I realized that he, too, had sex concerns! I did say I want to do it quickly, but bondage, B.D.S.M., restraints… this is all too much!

June 19, 2024


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