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Scary and Tough Otoguro, in Love?!

"We're against any attempts at Otoguro finding love!!" The over-the-top Highschool boys' comedy begins!

July 10, 2024




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R16+ Profanity

Imaginary Boyfriend

Riku Chitose has a boyfriend. Yaichi Kaga. He is comfortable in social situations and having girls around him dress him up and play with his hair. But Riku knows a side of Yaichi that nobody else has seen: his cool side. Coincidentally, Yaichi Kaga has a boyfriend, too. Riku Chitose. He is always so cool and composed. But Yaichi knows a side of Riku that nobody else has seen: his adorable side. Yaichi and Riku go on dates, hug, and kiss. Yaichi and Riku are merrily in love with their boyfriends. Who knows, maybe one day they'll finally be able to talk to each other.

March 11, 2022


Home-Sha Inc.


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R18+ Sexual Content

Your Manga Planet Journey

Your Manga Planet Journey

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