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SHIMA Minori

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There are no limits to a person’s greed! Thinking they could go to the same high school together, Kanade was shocked to find out that his friend Subaru had disappeared without a trace… When they were younger, Kanade was always saving Crybaby Subaru from bullies. Realizing that he had to become stronger to ensure that Kanade would want to stay by his side, Subaru abruptly decides to go to America right before entering high school. Years later, they meet again. Kanade is head over heels for a popular model, Kannon, and Subaru… still looks as unreliable as ever. And yet, Kanade doesn’t recognize his old friend whatsoever. Determined to prove to Kanade that he has gotten cooler and more reliable over the years, Subaru devises a plan to have Kanade live with him. Thus begins their sharehouse lifestyle together. Wanting to show his growth before unveiling their shared history, Subaru keeps his true identity a secret. But little did Kanade know, that Subaru is hiding not only one, but TWO secret identities!?

September 8, 2021

SHIMA Minori




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R18+ Sexual Content

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