Chima-san's Trinket Box
Night of the Mephisto Pieces
Yukimi Records
Goodbye Pumpkin
A Genius Can't Understand This Stupid Thing Called Love!?
A Sacrificial Virgin for the Demon King
A Second Away from a Kiss
Accidentally Reborn as an Evil Crossdressing Woman
Drifting Dragons
His Daughter's Caramel Curriculum
Make Love to the "Cumera"
New Normal
Searching for Marriage in Her 50s
She, Her Camera, and Her Seasons
The Hero Life of a (Self-Proclaimed) "Mediocre" Demon!
Pumpkin Night
Mr. Unlucky Has No Choice but to Kiss!
A Sex Friend Contract With a Peculiar Omega -Sex in Heat Until He’s Satisfied-
Affectionate Sex is Outside the Contract, Dr. Takamori!
Broken-Hearted One-Night Love ~This Man Is Cunning and Sweet~
Dominate Me With Your Power -Dom/Sub-verse -
I'll Help You Develop -Erotic Lessons With an Extremely Popular Senior-
If You Want Me, Beg
Tama the Incubus
Whisper Me a Love Song
Chasing After Aoi Koshiba
If I Could Reach You
Yuri is My Job
Lilies and Voices Born Upon the Wind
Yurizen! Salon -Shirayuri’s Comforting Food Therapy-
Girls’ Love of the Dead
If We Leave on the Dot
Good-For-Nothing Guys Are My Favorite
Love within a radius of 150 meters
Mandatory Sex Class in Another World
Running a Love Hotel with My Math Teacher
Why Would You Get Hard Over Me, Your Boss?
Yanagihara Is a Sex Addict.
My Younger Boss Has a Huge Utamaro - I’ll Take Him Big as He Is!!
29 years old, Single, Living with the CEO?
“We Can’t! It’ll Be an Affair!” -Wife Who Loves Penetration Has Hardcore Sex During Work-
Fairytale Call Girls
Happy Family
I Want to Take Off My Nurse Uniform and Help You Get Off
Incredible Overnight Sex Until I Come Five Times— My By-The-Book Boyfriend’s Elite Piston That Just Won’t Quit
Queen of the Apartment Complex
Selling My Wife's Secrets
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25 days ago

Manga Planet Releases Print Editions of Dento Hayane’s “See you later, Mermaid” and Chika Hongo’s “Setagaya Synchronicity”


April 26. 2024 10:00

Manga Planet Licenses Horror Series Pumpkin Night


April 19. 2024 10:00

Manga Planet to Add 7 New BL Titles & 5 Volume Updates from Animate International!


February 7. 2024 10:00

Manga Planet to Add 32 New Titles from MAGIA!


June 12. 2024 14:00

Down for User Interface Update


April 19. 2024 11:08

Customer Support during the Golden Week Holiday


December 22. 2023 12:00

Customer Support During New Years Season


December 13. 2023 11:30

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