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Find Youthful Love with the Yuzumori-san Fair at Shosen Book Tower in Akihabara

Yuzumori-san: A Yuri Manga Sparked by a Fateful Encounter

Yuzumori-san special illustration from Shosen Booktower in Akihabara

To celebrate the release of the fifth and final volume of Ejima Eri’s Yuzumori-san, Shosen is holding the “Yuzumori-san Fair” from May 11 to June 10, 2016. Shosen is organizing the fair at Shosen Grande in Jimbocho, Shosen Book Tower in Akihabara, and Books Hōrindō in Takadanobaba and fans have the chance to see reproduced pages from the manga and color illustration. Fans who purchase a volume of this yuri manga will be entered into a raffle for the pages displayed at the fair. Additionally, special paper from Ejima Eri is included with the Yuzumori-san volumes and those who purchase the fifth volume will receive a limited edition illustration.

Yuzumori-san yuri manga by Ejima Eri display at Shosen Booktower in Akihabara

What is Yuzumori-san?

Yuzumori-san is a manga written and illustrated by Ejima Eri. A subtle love story between good-for-nothing Mimika and calm, collected Yuzumori, the series ran in Shogakukan’s free manga site Yawarakai Spirits from June 2016 to March 2018.

Kaede Yuzumori manga pages at Akihabara Shosen Booktower

Yuzumori Kaede, the protagonist and title character of the manga, is a fourth grader who is unexpectedly cool-headed but also has a jealous side.

Yuzumori-san yuri manga pages at Shosen Booktower Akihabara

The other protagonist of the series is Noma Mimika, a second year in high school. Unlike Yuzumori, she is a bit of a mess and also has a stubborn streak. Even though Yuzumori is younger than her, she still uses honorifics with her.

Even though Yuzumori-san ended this past March, the series will live on among fans.

For more information on the fair, be sure to check out Shosen’s official: https://www.shosen.co.jp/fair/76381/

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