You Mustn’t Come to Kuganegasawa

Story : H. P. Lovecraft, Art : Nana Ajika

You Mustn’t Come to Kuganegasawa
You Mustn’t Come to Kuganegasawa
Title : You Mustn’t Come to Kuganegasawa
Kuganegasawa ni Kite wa Naranu

Story : H. P. Lovecraft

Art : Nana Ajika
味鹿 七

Publisher : SAN-EI Corporation


Professor Matoba
A professor who specializes in folklore studies. When his former student Towada asks for his help unraveling the mysteries regarding his childhood hometown, he finds out that there might be some truth to the urban legends surrounding Kuganegasawa.

Towada Eiku
Was one of Professor Matoba’s students, now stuck in his family’s old home in the infamous Kuganegasawa. Had gone back home in the hopes of finding out the reason behind his father’s disappearance.


They say in Kuganesawa that “beings with feathers had descended as if they came from heaven”… Professor Matoba chases after the meaning of those words left behind by his student, only to be confronted with horrors unthinkable by the human brain! Nana Ajika’s manga adaptation reimagines H.P. Lovecraft’s novella “The Whisperer in Darkness” in a Japanese setting.
©Nana Ajika/SAN-EI Corporation

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