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With graduation season quickly approaching in Japan, hoards of fresh graduates will soon be flooding each workplace and shaking up society! To mark this busy period, we’ve picked out some of our favorite workplace-based manga, full of schemes and romance, to help spruce up your Spring.

“Simultaneous recruiting of new graduates” (新卒一括採用) is an annual custom where Japanese companies will hire fresh graduates into their workplace, often accepting offers from promising students up to a year in advance.

For some young professionals, this is a great way to get a foot in the door at their dream company and kickstart their careers. On the other hand, some young people consider it stressful, while some older job-hunters may feel overlooked. Japan is one of the only countries in the world to have such a strong emphasis on graduates entering the workplace.


It’s Personnel!

Story and Art: Yuni

Ms. Komori is a hardworking socialite, aiming for an exciting international promotion – But is disappointed to find out that she’s actually being transferred to the boring Personnel Department. After bumping into the seemingly-bland Ms. Yamanob at a love hotel and discovering her secret, Ms. Komori quickly realizes that this department may not be so dull after all…

There is never a dull moment with this dynamic duo! While their outgoing and relaxed personalities may clash, their unique bond will liven up any work event.



The Pushy Doctor’s Love Prescription

Story: Natsuyuki Natsume
Art: Kouno Toriko

28-year-old Saori Fujiya is committed to her job as a saleswoman, putting her social and romantic life on hold to focus on her successful career. However, when the puppy-like Doctor Maki steals a kiss and confesses while she’s on the clock, Saori’s mind starts to wander. How will she deal with this pushy Doctor?

While this manga may seem like a straightforward romance, each character has their issue to work through as the story progresses. Plus, some shoujo-esque situations will make your heart skip a beat!



Tonight, I’m Loving My Boss!

Story: Kisaka Mitiko
Art: Mukae Asako

After a traumatic breakup, an emotional Kei bumps into Sakuma, her straight-faced boss, while drinking and winds up spending a passionate evening with him. While their relationship may have started as a fling, the pair finds themselves growing closer with every interaction… But with a busy department and jealous co-workers looking to cause trouble, some office drama seems inevitable!

You’ll find yourself rooting for Kei and Sakuma, but the active cast of co-workers will add a touch of spice to this story, with twists and turns at every corner.



Yuri Will Not Blossom at Work!

Story: Mai Yanagawa
Art: Ruri Hazuki

The beautiful Yuri is Rikka’s superior at work – But she’s also Rikka’s biggest enemy, also known as the “Demon Editor from Hell.” After spotting each other at a matchmaking event, Yuri (forcibly) gets Rikka involved in her plan to find the perfect partner. Dreaming of surpassing Yuri at work, Rikka decides to play along in the hopes of surpassing Yuri at work. Will these fierce co-workers ever get along?

This intriguing story has plenty of scheming and teasing, gradually developing as our protagonists learn more about each other.



The Pushy Boss and The Otaku Girl

Story: Sakano Mamu
Art: Kouzuki Rito

The plain Kawano is satisfied with her 2D boyfriend, Dream Detective Ishi Mikage, and can’t see the appeal of 3D men. Unfortunately, after catching her fiery boss Kunishima in an awkward situation, Kawano finds herself being singled out by him more than ever.

This one-shot is a fun take on the romance genre, with the forceful Kunishima doing his best to win Kawano’s affection and distract her from her beloved 2D detective. Perfect for a quick-fix of workplace romance!



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