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Will You Marry Me? Four Romantic Tales from Manga Planet

June marks the beginning of the rainy season in Japan, but there is one other thing that June is famous for – Weddings!
Even if you’re not really getting married this month, why not get into the lovey-dovey mood with some exciting romance manga?

The June Bride phenomenon first struck Japan after the release of the film “June Bride” in 1948, but the original tradition actually dates back to ancient times.
The month of June is said to be named after Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage. Therefore, having your wedding during this month is a sure sign of good luck!
Sadly, this foreign concept didn’t quite work as well in Japan in practice, due to its overlap with the rainy season, otherwise known as Tsuyu (梅雨).
June is referred to as Minazuki (水無月, month of water) as it was in this month that water would fill the rice fields. This was perceived as a symbol of fertility, lining up perfectly with anybody who wanted to get married and have children straight away.
Taking all of this into consideration, June really does seem like a good month to get married – As long as it doesn’t rain!

You’re the Fiancé!

Story: Haruna Mami

Art: Esumisumi

As the daughter of a rich businessman, Mei Sawara discovers that her marriage partner has already been decided for her… and she’s due to wed Hijiri Kamijo, a seemingly perfect company president, on her 20th birthday! Mei is adamant that she’ll never fall in love with a stranger, especially one as two faced as Hijiri.  To Mei’s dismay, the confident groom-to-be takes this as a challenge – he seems convinced that she will “definitely fall in love with him!”

Beyond his good-boy act, Hijiri is pushy and aggressive. Can such a stubborn guy truly get a girl like Mei to fall for him? You’re The Fiancé is a rollercoaster of emotions, where you’ll find yourself torn between the cool Hijiri and the warm Tetsuta. Which of these eligible bachelors will capture your heart?


The Pushy Doctor’s Love Prescription

Story: Natsuyuki Natsume

Art: Kouno Toriko

Saori Fujiya wants to focus on her ever-advancing career and has no time for messing around at work. Unfortunately for Saori, the handsome Doctor Maki seems to have other ideas, flirting with her and distracting her at every turn at the Touma General Hospital. Saori is convinced he’ll give up, but things quickly start to spiral out of control…

You’ll fall head over heels for Doctor Maki as you get to know him and learn more about his hidden sensitive side. This heart-racing manga also touches the topic of traumatic breakups and the effects they can have on future relationships.


Yurizen! Salon -Shirayuri’s Comforting Food Therapy-

Story: Nambu Kumako

Art: Higashikawa Mai

Their fateful encounter begins with Miiko’s painful cramp; After a rough day at work, the young pâtissier finds herself wallowing on a park bench on a rainy day. There she meets the ethereal Amane Shirayuri, a herbal specialist who invites Miiko home to try out some of her unique natural remedies.

This sweet and informative story will have you longing for your own personal doctor! Not only will you be taken by the fascinating Doctor Amane, you’ll also find yourself tempted to try out some of her natural remedies for yourself!


The Great Sham Marriage

Story: Naruse Nanako

Art: Ishimaru Hirako

Cool and collected secretary Amiko Inada impresses her coworkers by being immune to the charms of Rei Sakura, the playboy chairman. Little do they know, the stubborn Amiko has actually fallen for him the hardest! Will she be able to keep up her facade when Rei picks her as the perfect candidate for his marriage of convenience, or will love blossom between this unlikely couple?

The Great Sham Marriage is full of twists and misunderstandings, making it perfect for anybody in the mood for a traditional shoujo manga in a more mature setting.


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