When is Manga no Hi (Manga Day)?

Did you know that there is a “Manga no Hi” (Manga Day) in Japan?

Tezuka Osamu
Source: Tezuka Osamu Official Website

It falls on the 3rd of November every year, which also happens to be Culture Day or “Bunka no Hi,” a national holiday held annually for the purpose of promoting culture, the arts, and academic endeavor.

Why the 3rd of November? Aside from it being Culture Day, it is also the birthday of Tezuka Osamu, also known as the “the father of manga”, “the godfather of manga” and “the god of manga.” It was established by the Japan Cartoonists Association and five publishing companies in Japan in 2002 “in hopes of manga being recognized as part of (Japanese) culture.”1

Aside from the 3rd of November, the 2nd of February was also established as Manga Day by anime and manga store Mandarake, as it marks the death anniversary of Tezuka Osamu.2

Manga Day is also celebrated on the 17th of July. On this day in 1841, the illustrated satirical weekly magazine “Punch” was published in England (It was published for 151 years until 1992.) At the time, the cartoon was called “Ponchie” because “Punch” was heavily accented.3



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