What is Japan Anime Music Lab.?

Brandishing its motto of “Let’s JAM to the world”, Japan Anime Music Lab. – also known as JAMLAB – brings harmony by connecting Japanese anime music right holders and Japanese artists to the rest of the world.


What is JAMLAB?

JAMLAB is an online anime music database created and maintained by JAPAN MUSIC CULTURE EXPORT (JMCE), a foundation focused on the promotion of Japanese music culture to the international market. It consists of a group of companies dedicated to the slogans of “Spread Japanese Music to the World” and to “Interact with the World Through Music. JMCE also sponsors the Tokyo International Music Market, also known as TIMM.

TIMM focuses on music and brings together various players in the film and anime music industries. TIMM is made up of three components that cater to both music enthusiasts and professionals. The first is a Marketplace/Business matching event; TIMM also hosts business seminars and keynotes that discuss music-related topics, such as music trends and advances in music technology. Of course, no music-related event will be complete without the live shows that showcase talents aiming to break into the International music scene. This year’s TIMM will happen on November 4-6. Details here.

The current companies/labels affiliated with JAMLAB are:

avex pictures Inc.
avex entertainment Inc.
King Record Company Limited
FlyingDog, Inc.
MAGES., Inc.
NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan LLC
TOHO Co.,Ltd
Being, INC.
JVCKENWOOD Victor Entertainment Corporation
Universal Music LLC
Activ8 Inc.

JAMLAB seeks to be a source of information, which overseas fans/consumers can check for the latest news about their beloved Japanese music artists. From aristocrat-style band ALI PROJECT to voice actors like Maaya Sakamoto and Kenichi Suzumura and Virtual Youtubers like Kizuna AI, JAM Lab keeps fans informed of their activities so they can stay in the loop.

JAMLAB posts information on upcoming and recently released media, making it easier for overseas fans to keep track of albums they might want to purchase.

JAMLAB also posts information on weekly rankings, so it is a good reference point regardless of whether you’re a newbie or a veteran listener of J-music.

Besides album information and rankings, JAMLAB also posts interviews with the key players in the anime music industry, thus providing international fans with content that often doesn’t get picked up by overseas media. These interviews provide an opportunity for fans to get to know the artists and to gain insights into how the Japanese anime music industry works.

JAMLAB also helps Japanese music professionals connect to overseas media and business owners so that they can expand their reach. Such a connection will make it easier for anime music fans to have their fill of anime music legally, without going through the possible hassle of having to import them or going through proxies. It also makes it easier for non-Japanese conventions to contact Japanese artists and invite them over as guests, making it a win-win situation for both the anime music fans and the artists.

JAMLAB is a very useful portal for those involved in the anime music industry and for consumers of anime music overseas. Bridging the gap between overseas fans and anime music artists is indeed a great step towards anime music globalization.


17th Tokyo International Music Market (17th TIMM)

The 17th Tokyo International Music Market (17th TIMM) will take place online, in light of the global novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, titling this year’s event “TIMM ONLINE.” 

This year’s performing artists have been confirmed and during the 3-day event, 15 artists of diverse musical genres will present their special performances with the aim to take their musical careers international.

This year’s live showcase is free of charge and will be streamed worldwide via YouTube, whose link will be available at their website https://www.timmjp.com/en/.

Dates:  Nov. 4 (Wed), 5 (Thu), and 6 (Fri), 2020 Evening Time* (JST)
(*) Detailed time will be announced on the TIMM website.
Venues: Online Streaming via YouTube (Link will be available from TIMM website)
Price: Free of charge

Organized by Japan Music Culture Export (JMCE)


Official Links:

JAMLAB.: https://japan-animemusic.com/en/
TIMM: https://www.timmjp.com/en/
JMCE: http://www.jmce.or.jp


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