What is Comic Market?

Comic Market 97 is happening this weekend and here is a simple guide to Comic Market to help you prepare for the most anticipated event not only anime and manga fans but also by fans of a wide range of other genres.


What is Comic Market?

Comic Market, also known “Comiket” or “Comike”, is the largest exhibition and marketplace for circles that self-publish works (doujinshi) that focus on anime, manga, games and other genres. These circles are gathered in one part of Tokyo Big Sight (Doujinshi area). Aside from the circles, more than 130 companies also join as exhibitors to sell merchandise in separate halls (Corporate area). Comiket is held twice a year, in summer* (August) and winter (December). More than 200,000 attendees participate per day. 

While the past Comikets were held for three days only and did not ask for entrance fees, since Comiket 96 (or Summer Comiket) this year, the event was held for four days and attendees were charged an entrance fee to the Doujinshi area per day for the first time. According to the Comiket website, the entrance fee was to cover the increased costs caused by changes to the venue due to restrictions related to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics.

Comic Market 97 will be held on December 28 until 31, 2019 at Tokyo Big Sight.

* Comiket 98 in 2020 will be held in May instead of August because Tokyo Big Sight will be used as International Broadcast Center and Main Press Center during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

How to get into Comiket 97

C97 Wristband
Photo from Comic Market Official Website

To get into the Doujinshi area, you need to purchase a wristband worth 1,000 yen. The colors of the wristband differ per day. You need to wear the wristband and show them to the staff when entering the Doujinshi area. You don’t need to pay anything to enter the Corporate area.


If you’re a Comiket beginner, we recommend going at noon as lines have dissolved by this time. However, you should know that by this time, new publications or giveaways have gone out because people who attend Comiket for these would start queueing as early as 5:20 taking the first train.



The Doujinshi area will be open from 10 AM until 4 PM at the West Halls 1-4 and South Halls of Tokyo Big Sight. Nearest stations are Kokusai-Tenjijo station [R03] on the Rinkai Line and the Tokyo Big Sight [U11] station on the Yurikamome Line.

The Corporate area will use the Aomi Exhibition Halls which is around 1.5 km away from Tokyo Big Sight. Nearest stations are Tokyo Teleport [R04] station on Rinkai Line, Aomi [U10] station or Odaiba Kaihin Koen [U06] station on the Yurikamome Line.

You can check the map here for the overall layout: https://www.comiket.co.jp/info-a/TAFO/C97TAFO/C97_InternationalMap.pdf


Doujinshi Area

Around 32,000 circles will participate in Comiket 97. The titles/genres of doujinshi sold per day differ so be sure to check which title/genre of doujinshi will be sold per day and per hall here: https://www.comiket.co.jp/info-a/TAFO/C97TAFO/cmkfor_eng_genre.html

Circles usually write the day, area and table number of their booth on the Twitter account like below:

Kia Asamiya-sensei of My Favorite Carrera series, Martian Successor Nadesico, Silent Möbius and Steam Detectives fame will be Table 12b on West Hall 1 HI (ひ) Group on the 31st of December (Tue).

Maps will be posted along the walls of the Halls so you can check where the areas where circles are. You can also check the online web catalog for a map on https://webcatalog.circle.ms/. Registration is required and the website is available in Japanese only.

Photography is usually prohibited in the doujinshi area to protect people’s privacy. If posting photos online, we recommend blurring the faces of the people who did not give their consent to being photographed.


Cosplay at Comiket

If you are thinking of cosplaying at Comiket, you must go to the venue in plain clothes, register and pay the registration fee (1,000 yen). After registering, you can use the Changing Rooms at the Conference Tower 1F (10 AM – 5 PM on Days 1-3, 10 AM-4 PM on Day 4) or the TFT Building  (8 AM – 5 PM on Days 1-3, 10 AM-4 PM on Day 4). You can cosplay at the Entrance Plaza and other areas around Tokyo Big Sight.

If you are a casual attendee and would like to take photos of a cosplayer, be sure to ask for permission first before taking photos.


For more information on Comiket 97, make sure to read the Guide prepared in English by the Comic Market Committee: https://www2.comiket.co.jp/info-a/TAFO/C97TAFO/C97eng.pdf

Now you’re all set, enjoy shopping at the most anticipated fan event of the year, but don’t forget to follow the rules and regulations.


Have you participated in Comiket before? Tell us about your experience on our Twitter account @MangaPlanet!


About Comic Market 97

Dates and times: December 28-31, 2019 10 AM-4 PM
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight (Access Map)
Wristband fee to Doujinshi Area: 1,000 yen per day (on-site); 2,200 yen for four days (includes the Catalog)
Website: https://www.comiket.co.jp/info-a/TAFO/C97TAFO/cmkfor_eng.html


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