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What is acosta! ~AGF2019 Special~?

Taking photos, playing and interacting with other cosplayers while giving back to community

A large Japanese contents event like Animate Girls Festival is never complete without cosplay. Animate’s cosplay arm, ACOS and Hacosta organized “acosta! ~AGF2019 Special~” for all the fans who wanted to join in the festivities dressed as their favorite character.

acosta! ~AGF2019 Special~
The East Ikebukuro Central Park was teeming with not only cosplayers but also tourists.


What is “acosta!”?

acosta! is a cosplay event organized almost every month in different places all over Japan, mostly in Kanto and Kansai regions. Based on the concept “Take pictures! Play! Interact!,” it supports various ways of enjoying cosplay, from photogenic locations to venues where cosplay interaction is fun.

AGF acosta!

This year, acosta! was held simultaneously with AGF again, dubbed “acosta! ~AGF2019 Special~”. Cosplayers can enjoy AGF and other activities around Ikebukuro while in costume. 
To join acosta! ~AGF2019 Special~, cosplayers must buy advance tickets priced at 1,800 yen. Cosplayers can take photos at designated areas, receive perks from various shops in Ikebukuro, and enter the AGF2019 main venue for free from 3PM.


  • AGF acosta!
    Cosplayer Raku (@Ryh1n) as Kaito Kid from Detective Conan/Case Closed


Aside from being able to cosplay freely around Ikebukuro east side, cosplayers can also “give back” to the community by signing up to acosta!’s special project “Cosplay Ikebukuro Pika x 2 Walking 5th” held on November 9.

What is “Cosplay Ikebukuro Pika x 2 Walking 5th”?

“Cosplay Ikebukuro Pika x 2 Walking 5th” also known as Pika Walk, is a cleanliness project by ACOS where volunteers walk around a specified route picking up trash while in cosplay. “Pika pika” is a is a word that describes something that shines or sparkles, often used to describe things that are new or have just been cleaned.This year is the 5th time this activity was organized and 23 volunteer cosplayers joined the activity. Manga Planet tagged along as the cosplayers contributed to the cleanliness of the streets of Ikebukuro while parading in costume.

AGF Pika Walk
The cleaning route for the Pika Walk ©ACOS


AGF Pika Walk
Volunteers listened intently as an event staff gave them instructions.


AGF Pika Walk
Souvenir photo before taking off


AGF Pika Walk
Off we go!


AGF Pika Walk
Volunteers moved in a single file.


AGF Pika Walk
Staff shouting “Volunteer cosplayers cleaning up!” to make way through the busy streets of Ikebukuro


AGF Pika Walk
Volunteers were provided with tongs to pick up trash and plastic bags to put the trash in.


AGF Pika Walk
Volunteers checked the streets for any trash.


  • AGF Pika Walk
    Volunteers were free to leave the line, if necessary, whenever they see trash to pick up.


AGF Pika Walk
Volunteers heading towards the goal, Sunshine City


  • AGF Pika Walk
    Suddenly there’s trash here and there!


AGF Pika Walk
Volunteers picking up trash on the sidewalk


  • AGF Pika Walk
    Volunteers tried their best to not break up the line while cleaning up.


  • AGF Pika Walk
    Volunteers picked up trash even in Sunshine City.


AGF Pika Walk
Almost there!


AGF Pika Walk


AGF Pika Walk
Kudos to everyone who participated in this year’s “Cosplay Ikebukuro Pika x 2 Walking”!


What do you think of this activity? Are there similar projects like Pika Walk in your country? Let us know on Twitter!


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