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Find Your Treasure at the TV Anime Golden Kamuy Fair and Only Shop

Adventure! Historical Roman! Culture! Hunting Gourmet! LOVE&GAG!

Satoru Noda’s award-winning Golden Kamuy, a seinen manga currently serialized in Shueisha’s Young Jump that became an anime this April, blends these seemingly unconnected genres listed above into a hilarious, dramatic, and heart-throbbing Japanese Western.

To celebrate the manga, the anime adaptation, the Shosen Grande in Jimbocho held the Golden Kamuy Fair and Only Shop until June 24, 2018. At this only shop, fans had the chance to purchase limited edition goods, view an exhibit of scenes from the new anime, and participate in a stamp rally!

Thanks to our friends at Shosen Grande, Manga Planet had the chance to visit the Only Shop and take photos for all our fans!

Golden Kamuy anime key visual with Saichi Sugimoto and Asirpa

What is Golden Kamuy

Golden Kamuy details the story of Saichi Sugimoto, a veteran of the Russo-Japanese War. Sugimoto, known as “Immortal Sugimoto” because of his tenacious survival and savage fighting on the battlefield, discovers part of a map to stolen Ainu gold hidden by a group of criminals and embarks on a journey to find it. Along the way, Sugimoto befriends and teams up with Asirpa, a young Ainu girl skilled in wilderness survival and the daughter of one of the Ainu who gathered the gold stolen from them. Hunting, fighting, and eating their way across Hokkaido, Sugimoto and Asirpa encounter convicts, rogue soldiers, and even samurai all trying to find the gold and change Japan.

Satoru Noda illustration of Saichi Sugimoto dressed as Osamu Tezuka
(C)Noda Satoru/Weekly Young Jump ・Shueisha

Golden Kamuy has received multiple awards over the years. It won the 9th Manga Taisho award in 2016 and the Grand Prize for the annual 22nd Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize in 2018.

TV Anime Golden Kamuy Fair at Shosen Grande Photo Report

  • Golden Kamuy Only Shop at Shosen Grande in Jimbocho

TV Anime Golden Kamuy Only Store was located on the 2nd floor of Shosen Grande.

Golden Kamuy Character Ranking most likely to survive at Shosen Grande

Unlike most popularity contests, this one asked fans which one they will think do you think will find the gold and survive? Asirpa and Sugimoto the Immortal were top contenders according to fans.

  • Album of THE SIXTH LIE performed, Hibana, the official ending for the Golden Kamuy anime

THE SIXTH LIE performed, “Hibana”, the official ending for the Golden Kamuy anime. The band left a signed board for Shosen Grande.

  • Saichi Sugumoto cut out at Shosen Bookstore

When we visited the Shosen, most of the goods were sold out! For the Fair, Shosen was giving fans who made purchases over 2,000 yen a special Kazuo Henmi sticker. Before they ran out, Shosen also presented fans a limited edition Golden Kamuy bromide for every 1,000 yen sold.

Messages for Golden Kamuy at Shosen GrandeThe Only Store featured a message board for fans to show their love of the series through comments, supportive words, and drawings.

  • Sugimoto from Golden Kamuy at Shosen Grande Only Shop

Sugimoto and Asirpa made their appearances at the Only Shop too.

Golden Kamuy Stamp Rally in Shosen Grande

Fans could collect stamps of the Golden Kamuy characters at Shosen Grande. Shosen staff scattered the stamps throughout the bookstore along with a profile on each character.

  • scenes from the Golden Kamuy anime from Shosen Grande

An exhibit of scenes from the Golden Kamuy anime lined the stairs.

  • Scenes from the Golden Kamuy anime at Shosen Grande Only Shop

How many Manga Planet fans are watching Golden Kamuy now?

  •  Yoshitake Shiraishi at the Golden Kamuy Only Store in Shosen

Yoshitake Shiraishi, the infamous Escape King, travels with Sugimoto and Asirpa on their quest for gold. The staff at Shosen set up books related to each character at the stamp station.

  • Asirpa at the Shosen Grande Golden Kamuy Only Shop

Asirpa and Toshizo Hijikata were at the next stamp station.

Asirpa and Toshizo Hijikata were at the next stamp station at the Golden Kamuy Only Shop

Golden Kamuy imagines a world where Hijikata of Shinsengumi fame lives into old age in a desperate battle for the Ainu gold.

  • Genjiro Tanigaki and Lieutenant Tsurumi were at the stamp rally final station at Shosen Grande

Genjiro Tanigaki and Lieutenant Tsurumi were at the final station. If these two faced off, who do you think would win?

The Golden Kamuy Fair and Only Shop is taking place at the Animate Sapporo from June 2 to 10, 2018 and Animate Osaka Nipponbashi and Shosen Grande in Jimbocho from June 16 to 24, 2018.

For more information, be sure to check the official website: https://www.animate-onlineshop.jp/corner/cc/kamuy-anime/cd/961/

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(C)Noda Satoru/Weekly Young Jump ・Shueisha

(C)Noda Satoru/Shueisha・Golden Kamuy Production Committee

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