The Pushy Boss and The Otaku Girl

Story: Mamu Sakano / Art: Rito Kouzuki

The Pushy Boss and The Otaku Girl
The Pushy Boss and The Otaku Girl
Title : The Pushy Boss and The Otaku Girl
Gouin Joushi to Otaku Joshi

Story : Mamu Sakano
坂野 真夢

Art : Rito Kouzuki
紅月 りと

Publisher : Starts Publishing



Yae Kawano
An office worker who just wants to stay in the shadows and enjoy her otaku life.
The Chief who got transferred in from the Sendai branch. Called a “demon” for his hot temper.


In this world, it’s either you have people’s attention, or you don’t, and Kawano’s perfectly fine with being the wallflower… as long as she gets to support her anime bias, Dream Detective Ishi Mikage! She’s really not interested in stuff like real-world lovers, or the reason why she saw her hot-headed boss in a very compromising position – but when this same indifference makes her boss Kunishima even more interested in her, how much longer can she stay unnoticed?
©️Rito Kouzuki/Mamu Sakano

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