The Most Tsundere Boss in History

Story: DLE, Sahoko Yamazaki / Art: Tomokichi

The Most Tsundere Boss in History
The Most Tsundere Boss in History
Title : The Most Tsundere Boss in History
Joushi ga Tsundere Rekishi Kyara desu

Story : DLE, Sahoko Yamazaki

Art : Tomokichi

Publisher : SOZO Comics



Murasaki Shikibu
Fierce on the outside, a softie who looks out for her own employees on the inside. Always does her best, in her own way.
Jeanne d'Arc
A strict boss who always makes sure her employees are on their toes.
Florence Nightingale
The office nurse with a heavy-handed approach to ensuring employee health.
Elizabeth Báthory
A hot-headed boss willing to go to pretty drastic measures to ensure nobody catches onto her own insecurities.


One of the most popular manga tropes is that of the tsundere – a cold, moody, often hot-headed character who uses their wild anger to cover up the soft, affectionate emotions they have bottled up deep inside. Could you imagine the hilarity that would erupt if most of history’s famous women were tsundere…and your modern-day boss?

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