The Many Flavors of Kumika

Story and Art : Akihiro Ononaka

The Many Flavors of Kumika
The Many Flavors of Kumika
Title : The Many Flavors of Kumika Kumika no Mikaku クミカのミカク Story and Art : Akihiro Ononaka 小野中 彰大 Publisher : Tokuma Shoten 徳間書店 READ READ MORE
An alien from Chlorodium #2 who works in a design company. Hardworking, serious, and keeps to herself, but has a clumsy side to her that most people don’t see. Has two tentacles at either side of her head that glow when she’s happy.
Kumika’s senior coworker. Seems to can’t help but notice Kumika, and wishes she could get along with everyone. Also especially hopes Kumika would let herself eat…
In a world where aliens live harmoniously with humans, there exists a kind of alien that doesn’t need to “eat” the way humans do. Hailing from the impoverished planet of Chlorodium #2, where food is a luxury, these aliens live by inhaling microorganisms from the air.
Kumika, an uptight, earnest office worker, is one such alien from Chlorodium #2. When a sudden cold leads to her being unable to “feed” herself her usual way, her coworker Chihiro comes to her rescue with a nice warm pot of udon noodles! After a lifetime of never having to eat human food, will Kumika ever get used to getting “hungry”?
© Akihiro Ononaka/Tokuma Shoten

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