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Teens Take the Lead in These Four Series on Manga Planet

While being a teen in the real world can be mundane and yet so full of angst, teenagers in manga series often lead rather extraordinary lives. When they aren’t saving the world, they’re developing magical powers, or going back in time to stop the forces of evil — often while juggling their school and personal lives!

If you want to take a break from reality, lose yourselves temporarily in the world of manga, where anybody can be literally anything! Whether you’re a teen yourself longing for some action and adventure, or are looking back on your youth, why not put yourselves in the shoes of a teenager on a life-changing mission? 

To help, we’ve rounded up four exciting manga series, each featuring plucky, super-sleuthing teens who will stop at nothing to figure out the truth and save their friends — or even the world.


Teen-centric manga recommendation: Alive


Story: Kawashima Tadashi
Art: Adachitoka

One week turns into a nightmare as a virus takes over the world and causes its victims to spontaneously commit suicide. Taisuke Kanou, a teen from Tokyo, miraculously survives along with his friends. But now he has to survive the next challenge: finding out the truth about the virus and putting a stop to it! Perhaps the strange new powers the survivors seem to have gained will help them on their important new mission.

With plot twists and shocking developments galore, ALIVE shows how Taisuke’s ordinary life quickly turns into an epic adventure to save the world from the mysterious suicide pandemic that has gripped society. Will the gang be able to save the world, or will fate soon catch up with them?



Teen-centric manga recommendation: Guardy Girls

Guardy Girls

Story & Key: D-KEY

With time and effort, anybody can be a hero — even if you aren’t particularly heroic. In a world of superpowered people, the Guardy Girls will surpass them all with their brilliant powers and fantastically antisocial take on saving the world!

This unique take on superhero manga combines American comic-book aesthetics with cute manga designs to create a fun full-color experience. With short, action-packed chapters, it’s perfect for a quick read!


Teen-centric manga recommendation: Yozakura Quartet

Yozakura Quartet

Story & Art: Yasuda Suzuhito

The Yozakura Quartet is formed of four incredible teens tasked with protecting the town of Sakurashin. Hime is a superheroine, Ao is psychic, and Kotoha can conjure anything with one word. And while Akina appears to be a normal guy, there’s more to him than meets the eye. 

Following a sudden increase in supernatural activity, the gang’s mission to keep Sakurashin safe has become a steeper challenge than ever. What has caused this spike in incidents, and will the Quartet be able to put a stop to it?

Written by the illustrator of the popular Durarara!! series, Yozakura Quartet is perfect for fans of fantasy-action manga. It tells the tale of four unique teenagers who each play an important role in the story as you learn more about Sakurashin and the mysterious barrier that protects it.


Ryugu Town is at the Bottom of the Sea

Ryugu Town is at the Bottom of the Sea

Story & Art: Yoimachi Meme

Aside from the fact that it’s located deep under the sea, Ryugu seems like an ordinary town. With cafes, schools, and even a mall, the citizens live in comfort and peace. 

But things start to change for students Masora and Sumine when they ask two seemingly innocent questions about their lifestyle. Why is the sea-sky always gray, and what really happened to the world on the surface? As Sumine unveils Ryugu’s secrets, readers will discover along with her that the town isn’t as carefree as it seems…

Set in a fascinating and futuristic underwater city, this manga follows the daily lives of two seemingly ordinary young girls. The cutesy art style provides a stark contrast against the increasingly dark story, especially as the ominous truth about Ryugu unfolds.

CONTENT WARNING: Attempted sexual assault


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