Tales of the Dragon Sword

Story and Art : Masami Ogiwara

Tales of the Dragon Sword
Tales of the Dragon Sword
Title : Tales of the Dragon Sword
Ryu Ken Densetsu

Story and Art : Masami Ogiwara
荻原 征弥

Publisher : SAN-EI Corporation



A travelling magician. Wields a “dragon sword” he made out of the horn of a slain imperial dragon.

Master Fandhosa
A teacher of magic who taught Weill and was like a father to him.

A young girl with a sickly mother who had followed Weill during his quest, for dragon’s horn which heals all ailments.

Imperial dragon
Dragons that Weill will face off during his quest.


“The chief of the dragon species, born of the first darkness alongside the world’s first magic – eleven Imperial dragons opposing man’s power of conquest.” Weill, whose magician mentor was killed by an imperial dragon, sets off to exact his revenge, but…?
The first volume includes “The Sword of Weill” in Chapter 3, which kickstarts the main story, and also includes more stories in the same comedic twist, such as “The Sword and the Dragonstone,” “Of Magic,” and “Dragons at the End of an Era.”
©Masami Ogiwara/SAN-EI Corporation

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