Strawberry Canyon

Story & Art : Hiromi Sakuta

Strawberry Canyon
Strawberry Canyon
Title : Strawberry Canyon

Story & Art : Hiromi Sakuta
朔田 浩美

Publisher : SHODENSHA Publishing CO.,LTD



Miyo Akitsu
A natural climber whose head gets in the way of her performance.
Keita Hachisuka
The cool and popular Number One climber at Berry’s Canyon.
Tetsu Aoki
Miyo’s childhood friend who listens to her troubles and gives her advice with a sharp tongue.


It all started because Miyo wanted to get to know Tetsu’s new friend, Keita. Now, after five years together, Miyo, Keita, and Tetsu are Berry Canyon’s Monkey Gang -that is, three talented climbers at the local bouldering gym “Berry Canyon.”
Suddenly, Keita announces he will be quitting bouldering, much to Miyo and Tetsu’s surprise. Unable to contain her feelings, Miyo blurts out that she is aiming for the Olympics even though she rarely enters competitions, in the hopes that their gang can stay together. But now that she announced it, how will Miyo follow through? Will she be able to overcome her mental blocks and climb to the top? Or will the pressure get to her and make her lose her grip?
©️2018 Hiromi Sakuta/SHODENSHA Publishing CO.,LTD.

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