Stories of Andromeda Galaxy

Story and Art : Keiko Takemiya

Stories of Andromeda Galaxy
Stories of Andromeda Galaxy
Title : Stories of Andromeda Galaxy
Andromeda Stories

Story and Art : Keiko Takemiya
竹宮 惠子

Publisher : SAN-EI Corporation



Prince Jimusa
The successor to the throne of Cosmoralia, living in exile with his mother since alien machines took over their kingdom.

Princess Lilia of Ayodoya
Becomes Queen of Cosmoralia upon marrying her love, King Ithaca of Cosmoralia. Little does she know, the fate of Astria lies in the hands of her two children.

The last survivor of a planet that had previously been destroyed by the same machines taking over Cosmoralia. Has been tasked with ensuring the safety of Cosmoralia’s royal twins-in-exile.

Jimusa’s twin sister, separated from him at birth by their midwife. Gets adopted into a travelling caravan.


In one corner of the Andromeda Nebula lies the planet Astria, where the peace of its Cosmoralia Empire has been shattered by autonomous machines which can take over people’s consciousness. On opposing sides of the coin are successor to the throne Prince Jimusa, now part of the resistance, and Afulu, his long lost twin sister. As fate brings them together, it also draws them closer to their climactic fight alongside the female cyborg warrior Il.
©Keiko Takemiya/SAN-EI Corporation

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