Sound of the Sky

Story and Art: Hajime Yamamura

Sound of the Sky
Title : Sound of the Sky
Ten ni Hibiki

Story & Art : Hajime Yamamura
やまむら はじめ




Akio Kuzumi
An aspiring violinist. Was deeply moved by the sound Hibiki made during their one childhood encounter. His passion for music was slowly dwindling until he meets Hibiki again years later.
Hibiki Sonari
A bright young girl with a knack for conducting. A great mystery to Akio, only having met her once. Reunites with Akio years later.


When he was young, Akio, an aspiring violinist, was late to watch his Uncle’s orchestra rehearsal when he encountered a girl conducting in front of pigeons. Arriving at the rehearsal by break time, he is surprised to see the girl again. Her name is Hibiki Sonari, the orchestra conductor’s daughter, who proceeds to substitute for her father in conducting the orchestra with amazing results.
Deeply moved by Hibiki’s sound, Akio seeks to replicate it. But as years go by, he finds himself slowly losing his passion for music. Despite that, he enters college as a violinist and is surprised to know that Hibiki entered the same college as an aspiring conductor. Will Hibiki be able to help Akio find what’s lacking in his music?
© Hajime Yamamura / SHONENGAHOSHA

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