Scanlators and Manga Readers: Manga Planet wants to hear from you!

Scanlators Manga Readers Survey: Calling All Scanlators and Manga Fans! (and artists!)

In light of the recent GGANG-E interview, the editors at Manga Planet want to open up more conversations about scanlation and how we consume manga that we love. The issues surrounding “pirated manga” (as it is called in Japanese) are not black and white, and we want to delve deep into the murky gray area many manga lovers find themselves.

We are not attacking scanlators and readers, nor are we placing blame on any specific group (though we are giving aggregate websites a hard look). Instead, we hope to create a space for more frank discussions about the realities artists and readers alike face. Below is an anonymous survey for scanlators and readers. Our ultimate goal is to write an article examining the collected data. Additionally, we plan on publishing a series of interviews with creators, scanlators, and readers.

This survey does not require information that identifies who you are beyond your age and location demographics. However, if you would like us to contact you for future interviews or conversations, we have left an option for you to leave an email address.

Are you an artist, writer, and/or creator? Have you had your work reposted or uploaded without your permission? We also want to talk to you! Please email our editor-in-chief at if you would like to tell us about your experience. 

Thank you to those who complete the survey. We also understand if you do not want to participate, but hope you can still be part of our future discussions.

***If you are on your smartphone, please access the survey on the following link!***


Manga Planet Exclusive Interview with A Man of Virtue‘s GGANG-E

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