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Ribon: An Ally of Women for 65 Years

Popular shojo manga magazine Ribon celebrates its 65th Anniversary in August 2020.

Dubbing themselves as an ally of women of all ages, shojo manga magazine Ribon, which is published by Shueisha and known for series such as “Chibi Maruko-chan,” “Akazukin Chacha,” and “Marmalade Boy,” is celebrating 65 years of history since it was first published in 1955 in style! Ribon’s 65th Anniversary Project, aptly named “Ribon no Ribbon,” aims to expand the possibilities of Ribon and to communicate its appeal to many people through the collaboration with creators and companies with a diverse set of values. It is a project that challenges new developments that Ribon has never tried before.  

Ribon no Ribbon” ConceptRibon 65th Anniversary

Ribon’s 65th Anniversary Project “Ribon no Ribbon” is based on the concept of “musubu” or “to tie.” Just as a ribbon ties two things together, Ribon, through manga, has and will continue to tie people regardless of background, age, or gender. “Ribon no Ribbon” is about the relationships one has made through Ribon: with one’s mother, one’s teacher, one’s friend, one’s lower classmen, one’s neighbor, and with their self. Ribon wishes to tie one with others more on its 65th anniversary.  

Ribon no Omise in Tokyo”

The first of a series of activities celebrating Ribon’s long and charming history, the pop-up store named “Ribon no Omise in Tokyo” opened on the first floor of baseyard tokyo in Harajuku on the 6th of March and is open until the 20th.
  • Ribon 65th Anniversary
The Ribon popup shop will be offering 38 original items, ranging from stationery, novelty items to apparel. These are products of collaboration with 11 different creators and companies and will be sure to appeal not only to women but to men as well. See the eponymous mascot Ribon-chan in a new light!
  • Ribon 65th Anniversary
First on their product list are be the creator collaboration stickers, where renowned illustrator and artist ery and painter Yudai Nishi‘s renditions are printed on adorable stickers.
  • Ribon 65th Anniversary
Rock unique apparel as the Ribon popup shop also sells T-shirts with eye-catching designs that celebrate individuals who have made their mark in their particular industries. Collaborating with photographers Yoko Kusano and Ryohei Obama, stylist chie ninomiya, skateboarder Konatsu Zaike, these T-shirts are not only stylish and trendy but also feature women, an expression of girl power!
  • Ribon 65th Anniversary
Menstruation is a facet of being female that is often swept under the rug. Instead of being shamed for being a woman and having periods, Ribon allows you to form bonds with friends who need a helping hand (or a napkin in this case). Partnered with the makers of 100% cotton napkin natracare, the shop will be selling a bundle of twelve napkins with four letter sets, a one-of-a-kind organic letter set! The letter set will be perfect for writing little notes of encouragement to those who find themselves in a period pinch! The fem-tech from Taiwan, absorbent “Moon Pants” by ajuma are also available in the store. Having these kinds of products in a store that celebrates a young girls’ magazine, is an interesting way of bridging aspects of being a young girl and of being a woman, showing that Ribon is indeed an “onna no mikata” or a friend to all women.
For fans who are looking for something that will allow them to show their devotion to the Ribon brand in social media, an Instagram filter designed by creative engineer Kuno Fell Asleep was launched in March as the second part of Ribon’s 65th Anniversary Project. Now you can live your dreams of gracing the front cover of a Ribon Mascot comics volume by using this quirky filter on Instagram!
  • Ribon 65th Anniversary
The third part of Ribon‘s 65th Anniversary Project is a special set of Ribon-inspired hiragana fonts inspired by the iconic “ri” “bo” “n” characters that grace the fronts of every Ribon manga. Designed and created in collaboration with Rintarou Shimohama and typeface maker Fontworks, this hiragana font set has been released in LINE. Clear folders designed with these Ribon hiragana fonts are also available for purchase at the pop-up store.
  • Ribon 65th Anniversary
  • Ribon 65th Anniversary
Mugs and tumblers designed with Ribon’s signature “tokun” or “ba-dump” SFX, as well as cute phone cases and mobile batteries are also not to be missed. Another item that will take you down the memory lane is the loose-leaf binder, which includes a page reminiscent of the autograph books we used to fill back in the days.
  • Ribon 65th Anniversary
Other apparel items available at the shop are socks, caps, and camisoles with simple but stylish designs.
As if the abundance of goods Ribon prepared is not enough, you can also make your Ribon fashion items using designs and colors of your choice at the original print area, found on the second floor of baseyard tokyo. You can choose from 9 different designs and 3 colors to print on 4 types of fashion items: a T-shirt, tote bag, saddlebag, or pouch.


Aside from the popup store, Ribon-ten (written in hiragana “ri,” kanji for book “本,” and kanji for exhibit “展”), a space featuring Ribon manga, can be found at the MANGA&SPACE area on the second floor of baseyard tokyo. As the world celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8, Ribon paid tribute to its most ardent supporters, women, with a gorgeous 65 bouquets tied together with ribbons with the same color as the Ribon Mascot Comics hanging from the ceiling of Ribon-ten.
Displayed with the flowers are Ribon manga titles that were hand-picked by the 20 Ribon staff and the creators that collaborated with “Ribon no Ribbon.” It was a charming homage to those who have supported the magazine throughout the years.
The “Ribon no Mise in Tokyo” is an excellent way of celebrating 65 glorious years of publication and is a must-visit for fans of the magazine, those who are into Harajuku fashion and those who are just starting to dip their toes in both shojo manga and fashion. It is a unique experience that is also open to all genders!

Ribon no Omise in Tokyo” Details

Dates and time  March 6, 2020 (Fri) until March 20, 2020 (Fri) 12:00-21:00 (11:00-20:00 during Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays)
Venue baseyard tokyo (6-12-22 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001)
Access https://www.palcloset.jp/shared/pc_pal/event/baseyard/access.html
Official Twitter https://twitter.com/ribon65th
Official Instagram https://instagram.com/ribon65th
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