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Editor’s Blog: (Re)Birth of a Planet

The Editor’s Blog is a casual post with updates and wrap-ups from the last week. My name is Emma and I am the Editor in Chief. In actuality, though, I am an average working fan in a constant struggle to catch up on all my favorite series.

Manga Planet Updates

On February 1st, we updated our website to make it easier for everyone to read manga! Over the next couple of months, we plan on expanding our manga library as well as coverage of events in Tokyo. If you haven’t read our most recent articles yet, we visited BL mangaka Kizu Natsuki’s Given Illustration Exhibit and the Yoneda Kou Book Fair at Shosen.

Also, we officially released volume 1 of The Golden Age of Decadence and After School! on Amazon! We are currently ranked #1 on Amazon Japan.

The golden age of decadence

After School!

Last but not least, Manga Planet has launched the (Re)Birthday Party Campaign. From February 8 to February 15, you can enter to win a 500 yen Amazon.com Gift card! Just be sure to follow the entry rules.

Manga Planet (Re)Birthday Party Campaign

Manga Planet at Japan Habba

At Manga Planet, we strive to bring manga to life and become your home for manga. This doesn’t only mean online. Offline, our team has traveled the globe to talk to fans, artists, and cosplayers. On February 3, Manga Planet attended Japan Habba, an Indo-Japan cultural festival held in Bangalore, India. At this event, visitors could see first-hand Japanese calligraphy, ikebana origami and eat authentic Japanese food. While the festival had its fair share of traditional Japanese culture, Manga Planet collaborated with Indian cosplayers and Super Sugoii to bring Japanese popular culture to the scene.

Japan Habba

Vijay Sinha and Tanzim Pardiwalla cosplayed as Baudelaire from The Golden Age of Decadence and Airi from After School! at Japan Habba.

In Our Orbit

In Our Orbit is a section where we talk about manga, anime, and news that caught our attention during the week.

Last week, legendary mangaka Yoshihiro Togashi graced the pages of Weekly Shounen Jump with the latest installment of HUNTER X HUNTER. (Note: mild spoilers ahead)

Hopefully, Togashi’s health will stay strong as the Dark Continent arc voyages further in the narrative. With nen beasts and the Phantom Troupe abound, the manga’s mortality rate will probably spike in the next couple of weeks. More importantly, though, WHERE IS LEORIO?

This is it for this week’s Manga Planet Editor’s Blog. Feel free to complain, compliment, or comment below! We are always interested in knowing what our readers think.

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