No Matter Where You Are, I Love You

Story & Art : sajimakatana

No Matter Where You Are, I Love You
No Matter Where You Are, I Love You
Title : No Matter Where You Are, I Love You
Kimi ga Dokodemo Koi wa Koi

Story & Art : sajimakatana
沙嶋 カタナ

Publisher : SHODENSHA Publishing CO.,LTD



Mitsuki Namikawa
Addicted to manga and anime since a young age. Has never been interested in her appearance or how others see her until…?
Atsuno Ikemoto
The eldest of the three friends, Mitsuki’s senior at work, and an avid reader of BL manga.
Madoka Utsumi
The receptionist of the company where Mitsuki and Atsuno also work. Likes collecting girl’s anime goods.
Ritsu Namikawa
Mitsuki’s widowed mother and veteran nurse. Extremely judgemental of Mitsuki’s hobby.


Mitsuki Namikawa has always been in love with 2D characters. However, her strict mother, just as consistently, disapproves of her daughter’s obsession, going so far as to banning anime and games in the house when Mitsuki was younger.
Her two best friends and coworkers, Atsuno and Madoka, accept her for all she is: a complete manga and anime addict. Atsuno shares Mitsuki’s love for anime and manga while Madoka tags along with their passionate preaching and enjoys having two close girl friends who support each other with no judgment.
One day, when the three friends go to Atsuno’s and have their regular anime watching drinking night, Mitsuki meets a character like she has never met before. Even though she knows he only exists beyond the screen, what lengths will Mitsuki go to for this 2D character?!
©️2018 sajimakatana/SHODENSHA Publishing CO.,LTD.

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