No Cat No Life (Our Community Cat Project)

Story and Art : Rin Saito

Title : No Cat No Life (Our Community Cat Project)
No Nyanko No Life -Bokura no Chiiki Neko Keikaku-
ノーにゃんこ ノーライフ~僕らの地域ねこ計画~

Story and Art : Rin Saito

Publisher : Home-Sha Inc.



A resident of the sixth street who has recently lost his beloved cat, Chiko.
A volunteer from out of town who rescues and fosters cats.


Soh Fujima has not been able to recover from grief after his cat’s recent passing. Nobody has seen or heard from him for ages, and he and his apartment are a mess.
Fujima lives on the sixth street, where many residents have been complaining about the neighborhood’s cat infestation. As he was holed up in his room, Fujima was unaware of the dire situation the stray cats of the sixth street were facing. Just as he was witnessing the capturing of stray cats to be sent off to their demise, a mysteriously strong figure appears in front of him to stop the barbarism: Maki Mishima.
How will Mishima try to stop these people from trying to get rid of the stray cats? Will Fujima be able to be of any help? And what in the world exactly is a “cat-munity”?!
©︎Rin Saito 2017/HOME-SHA

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