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Take One Day at a Time at the Natsume Ono 1 Day 1 Character Exhibit

The Yurakicho Marui held Natsume Ono’s first-ever exhibition titled ”Natsume Ono 1 Day 1 Character Exhibit” from November 15 to December 9, 2018. Since July 2016, Ono embarked on the challenge to draw by hand one character a day and post the illustration on Twitter. This exhibit showcased around 600 of these original drawings. Boys’ Love fans had the chance to see all of “1 Day 1 Character” artwork by basso (Ono’s pen name for her BL works) as well.

Who is Natsume Ono?

Natsume Ono 1 Day 1 Character Exhibit ACCA

Natsume Ono is an internationally popular mangaka well-known for her series House of Five Leaves, ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept., and Ristorante Paradiso. She first debuted in 2003 with LA QUINTA CAMERA and has since taken the manga scene by storm with her signature stark art-style and contemplative writing that explores human relationships and daily life. Although she is famous for her seinen series, Ono (under the pen-name basso) has created several BL works. Akane Shinsha’s web opera magazine is currently serialized basso’s latest BL series, Tonari ni. Ono’s Lady & Oldman, Somewhere, Someone is Eating too, and Have a Good Sunday are also currently running. BADON, Ono’s latest manga, will start in January 2019 in Square Enix’s Monthly Big Gangan.

Currently, Tesoro, not simple, ACCA, LA QUINTA CAMERA, Danza, Pistorante Paradisco, Gente, and House of Five Leaves are available in English.

Natsume Ono 1 Day 1 Character Exhibit Photo Report

  • Natsume Ono 1 Day 1 Character Exhibit

Ono drew from her wealth of original characters that appear in her manga for these daily character illustrations. The exhibit provided an overview of Ono’s compendium of works along with a glimpse into these individual characters.

Mugs used by Natsume Ono while writing manga as exhibited at the Natsume Ono 1 Day 1 Character Exhibit

Ardent fans also had the chance to see the mugs she used while creating each of her manga series.

  • basso's room at the Natsume Ono 1 Day 1 Character Exhibit

In a small detour, fans could examine the sensual side of basso’s characters in “basso’s room.”

  • artwork at the Natsume Ono 1 Day 1 Character Exhibit

At the end of the exhibit, Ono graced the walls with a handful of her characters and wrote a note thanking those who visited.

  • gift shop at the Natsume Ono 1 Day 1 Character Exhibit

Like all good exhibitions, the Natsume Ono 1 Day 1 Character Exhibit included a gift shop where fans could purchase all of Ono’s manga as well as limited edition goods commemorating the exhibition. Fans who couldn’t attend the exhibit can still purchase these goods on the Marui Anime Online shop: https://voi.0101.co.jp/voi/content/01/pc/webshop/character-goods/index.html

Official Website: http://ononatsume.gengaten.com/

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