My Favorite Carrera EV

Story and Art : Kia Asamiya

My Favorite Carrera EV
My Favorite Carrera EV
Title : My Favorite Carrera EV
Kanojo no Carrera EV
彼女のカレラ EV

Story and Art : Kia Asamiya
麻宮 騎亜

Publisher : LEED Publishing Co. Ltd.



Reina Todoroki
A young comic magazine editor whose plunge into car ownership begins after she inherits her late father’s Porsche.

Paruko Kirishima
Famous manga artist who thinks Ferraris are second to none. Is hostile towards Reina.

Hajime Iwasa
A manga artist Reina is the editor-in-charge of, who helps her as a fellow Porsche owner.


22-year-old Reina Todoroki inherits her father’s bright pink Porsche Carrera RS upon his sudden death. She knows practically nothing about this Porsche, much less how to drive them! Reina wants to honor her father’s memory through the car he’d taken care of in his final years, but first she has to learn how to drive stick…
©Kia Asamiya/LEED Publishing Co. Ltd.

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