Miyako’s Night Tales

Story & Art : Yumi Sudo

Miyako's Night Tales
Title : Miyako’s Night Tales
Miyako Bijin Yawa

Story & Art : Yumi Sudo
須藤 佑実

Publisher : SHODENSHA Publishing CO.,LTD



Keiichi Osada
A young man who just left his old job. Thinks that his overworking led to a very persistent hallucination.
The beautiful woman who invites Keiichi to stay and chat with her. Likes listening to ghost stories and wishes she can see ghosts, too.


Twenty-six-year-old Keiichi just got out of his dreadful former job, so it’s no surprise that the sight of his abusive ex-boss still makes him run for the hills – and right into a strangely horror-themed bar. There, he meets Miyako, a kimono-clad beauty who lets him air out his grievances, and her quiet charm and love for horror stories has Keiichi so smitten that he wishes he can meet her again. But will he still want to be around her even after finding out the real reason behind her kindness that night?
©️ 2018 Yumi Sudo/SHODENSHA Publishing CO.,LTD.

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