Missile Bird

Story : Shizusa Io, Art : Ryusen Kumata

Missile Bird
Missile Bird
Title : Missile Bird

Story : Shizusa Io
唯緒 シズサ

Art : Ryusen Kumata
熊田 龍泉

Publisher : Home-Sha Inc.



Ayumu Tobii
A young badminton player who quit playing after experiencing defeat at the hands of a genius. He says he’s never going to play again, but can he stay away for long?

Sho Yuki
A promising badminton player who was considered a genius at a very young age. Says he’ll never play again after an incident in his past, but reuniting with Ayumu seems to remind him of something…?

Chihiro Shinozaki
The president of the badminton club. Will stop at nothing if it means the club will have new members.


After a horrible one-sided match with a genius badminton player, Ayumu swears to quit playing the sport he loves. But what happens when he gets into the same high school as the genius who defeated him? Will he ever get his chance to shine? Nothing is impossible in a sport where smashes can go as fast as 400kph!
© Shizusa Io/© Ryusen Kumata/HOME-SHA

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