Melon Cream Soda

Story and Art : Aya Kadoi

Melon Cream Soda
Melon Cream Soda
Title : Melon Cream Soda メロンくりーむソーダ Story and Art : Aya Kadoi 門井 亜矢 Publisher : WANIBOOKS CO.,LTD ワニブックス READ READ MORE
Manaka Mikumagawa
The eldest of the three sisters. A lively college student is in charge of most of the household chores. Loves jumping in the bath with her sisters.
Rinka Mikumagawa
The middle sister, whose brash personality is the exact opposite of gentle Manaka. Super lazy and leaves everything up to her sisters, but that’s not how the rest of the world knows her…
Yuuka Mikumagawa
The youngest sister, a middle school genius. Despite being the youngest, she’s a strong-willed, earnest girl who supports her sisters.
There are three sisters in the Mikumagawa family: calm, relaxed college student Manaka, the quite rough-spoken (?) high-schooler Rinka, and the youngest Yuuka, a smart young girl who can recite the succession of shoguns in the bath. With a family like this, every day is a little adventure!

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