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Manga Planet’s Weekly Picks: Crossdressing, Hosts, and a Dash of (Boys) Love

Here on Manga Planet’s Weekly Picks, you can find manga that delighted us enough we wanted to share it with everyone.

This week, the picks are from Manga.Club. (Warning! They are both Boys Love manga.)

If you’re a manga fan that hasn’t heard of Manga.Club, you’re missing out. Manga.Club, the latest project from Torico, allows readers to read manga for free and also support the mangaka. The editors here at Manga Planet dig Manga.Club‘s series and hope all our readers can enjoy them too.

You Haven’t Seen The Best Of Me! by Toi Meguri

You Haven’t Seen the Best of Me!


Sakuya is an average high schooler who spends his time hanging out with his best friend Yuuki. After discovering his older sister is messaging Yuuki’s brother over social media, Sakuya decides to pretend to be a girl and message Yuuki’s brother as well. What starts off as a joke quickly grows into something more serious when Sakuya discovers he shares a lot in common with Yuuki’s brother and develops feelings for him.

What Makes it Good

While it isn’t apparent from the start, You Haven’t Seen The Best Of Me! plays off a Shakespearian sense of gender-bending comedy that grows with each chapter. A slow burn, this manga doesn’t offer a wham-bam-thank-you-sir instant gratification like other Boys Love manga. Instead, we watch as Sakuya explores the possibility of romance and cross-dressing through the chapters. The gradual development of the characters, as well as the tension of a love triangle created by Sakuya’s gender deception, is a surprise to find in what seemed at first a sweet, simple webcomic.

Although the art and visual pacing don’t quite match the narrative complexity, it is not overly distracting. Luckily the series is currently still running in Manga.Club and we will be able to see if Sakuya ever confesses to Yuuki’s brother about his feelings and his true self.

Warm CoffeeWarm Coffee by NANIN

Premise: Renei Hanemiya, jobless, homeless, has nothing but the (shabby) clothes on his back and insane flirting talent. Wanting nothing more than a girlfriend, Renei stumbles into a host club and lands what he thinks is his dream job. But, little does he know, all the hosts at the club are gay men. Even though Renei devoutly loves women, he begins questioning his desires after he starts living with his manager.

What Makes it Good

Unlike You Haven’t Seen The Best Of Me!, Warm Coffee is much more mature. While you won’t see anything graphic (yet?) in the eight chapters currently out, Warm Coffee adds more sexual tension between Renei and his manager rather than dramatic irony tension. This manga also receives kudos for addressing the sexual identity of the characters in a (relatively) matter-of-fact way that is neither exploitative or overtly offensive like what often can appear in Boys Love manga.

Warm Coffee is not without its flaws. Renei struggles to be sympathetic at times, potentially hindering the narrative for the first few chapters. Visual pacing is iffy at times, but the story pushes along with a charm that makes the series worth reading. Like You Haven’t Seen The Best Of Me!, Warm Coffee is currently serialized in Manga.Club.

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