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Manga Planet to add Dr. Mordrid and Two More Titles by Masaya Hokazono to Library

Masaya Hokazono’s Dr. Mordrid, Chilling Messages, and Raguna Chronicles slated to be released in late March 2020.

Ikebukuro, Japan – Manga Planet is happy to announce that the following titles by mangaka Masaya Hokazono will be added to the Manga Planet Library at the end of March 2020:


Doctor Mordrid

The year is 1897, the era of the Wild West. Doctor Mordrid may be the scientific community’s outcast, but his unique skills as an archaeologist specializing in occult cases are second to none and begrudgingly recognized by most. With his trusty animal sidekick Kim and more than a few (mechanized) tricks up his sleeve, Doctor Mordrid sets forth to investigate incredible happenings on the American Frontier.


Chilling Messages (Torihada Tsuushin)*

A collection of four-panel comics where Masaya Hokazono talks about the toils and travails of being a horror manga artist. In this light-hearted romp through his day job, he tackles things such as reader-submitted ghost stories, the terrors of social media disapproval, hospital experiences, real fake psychics, and what may be the scariest things of all – his fellows in the horror manga industry!


Raguna Chronicles (Raguna Nendaiki)*

On the planet Raguna, there is a music festival. With Leader at its helm, the musical group “Karriot” is brought to life by Gaia’s organ, Freya’s guitar, Seiichiro’s mandolin, and Nathaniel’s pipe…but his pipe isn’t just any ordinary pipe! The legend says of the Clausel pipe that “If you play the pipe on the night of Pavana, the moon shall be alight as the stars dance in delight.” But what does this mean, exactly…? In Masaya Hokazono’s sci-fi fantasy done in the style of legends, these mushroom man friends encounter falling stars, destroyed moons, and the cycle of life, death, and rebirth itself!


* The English translations of some of these titles may change.

Masaya Hokazono is known for horror manga titles such as Inugami, Emerging, and Kichikujima.

The first chapters of these titles will be available for free in the Manga Planet Library. Subscribers to the Library get to read the succeeding chapters in addition to existing titles such as Inugami Kai and other titles in our Library.

Negotiations with other publishers are going smoothly and we will post information on upcoming licensed titles on mangaplanet.com soon.


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