Manga Planet New Releases (April 13, 2022)

Here’s a roundup of new releases on Manga Planet from Kodansha this week!


Bloody Monday by Ryou Ryumon and Kouji Megumi

(Volumes 1 – 5)

Story Summary:
Takagi Fujimaru may seem like a regular high school student, but behind the cheery facade lies a genius hacker by the name of Falcon. When his father is framed for a murder, Falcon uses his brilliant hacking skills to try and protect his sister and clear his father’s name. However, he finds that his father, an agent in an elite government agency, was involved with something far more complex than a simple murder. A terrorist group is plotting against the city of Tokyo and it is up to Falcon, with the help of his friends to unravel the twisted plans set in place to kill millions of people.



Cage of Eden by Yoshinobu Yamada

(Volumes 11 – 15)

Story Summary:
Akira and the others finally reach the mysterious structure towering over the jungle below. Though they’re thrilled to discover the first clearly manmade artifact they’ve found in this world, Eiken is nowhere to be found! Instead, all they find is his luggage… an ominous sign to say the least in a landscape full of savage predators!



Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima

(Volumes 16 – 20)

Story Summary:
The dark guilds have allied, and the only thing that Fairy Tail can do to stop them is to ally with three other guilds and try to take on the most powerful wizards in the underworld. But the dark guild wizards won’t wait for our heroes to make the first move! This volume begins the epic Nirvana storyline! Includes special extras after the story!



Nodame Cantabile by Tomoko Ninomiya

(Volumes 6 – 10)

Story Summary:
After Momogaoka Music University’s festival, Classic Life magazine runs a big story on Shinichi’s amazing conducting performance. But since graduation, he’s feeling frustrated–and not because he still has a fear of flying (despite the work of a determined hypnotherapist!) Shinichi wonders what the future holds. Then a chance meeting leads the music prodigy into a whole new direction . . . in Japan. Meanwhile, when Nodame visits Shinichi’s family, no one escapes unscathed. Maybe that’s why the friendship between Nodame and Shinichi is threatened–and could mean the end of Nodame’s Cantabile!



Rave Master by Hiro Mashima

(Volumes 11 – 15)

Story Summary:
Once Haru and the others get out of the Death Storm, they find themselves in the middle of a vast desert. Elie collapses suddenly (from the heat?) and Plue uses his abilities to reveal the location of the remaining Rave pieces splayed out of a map of the world. Just then, a mysterious blonde-haired man shows up, claiming to be a Dark Bring Master. Instead of a fight, he simply kisses Elie before disappearing again and being replaced by the Demon Card team. Frustrated with only being protected all the time, Elie vows to fight along side everyone just as hard! There’s a tragic sequence where Ret is attacked and finally reveals his true human form. Mixed with flashbacks, it is explained how his love, Julia, was “killed” by the Demon Card team, but she is now in the form of a dragon which he must attack or die! Sadly, Let is defeated and sealed into a tree, which burst from his hand via magic.



Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei by Koji Kumeta

(Volumes 9 – 11)

Story Summary:
Teachers are supposed to inspire the younger generation to follow their dreams and achieve great things. However, our hero, Nozomu is not that teacher. Nozomu’s probably the most depressive man in Japanso depressive, in fact, that every little setback in life inspires yet another suicide attempt! But then why is being in Nozomu’s class such a blast? Is it his quirky and endearing students? The bizarre adventures he leads them on? Or is there something after all to “the Power of Negative Thinking”? A DARKLY OFFBEAT COMEDY BY KOJI KUMETA Have you ever noticed the “reverseboywhocriedwolf” phenomenon, where normally serious people tell jokes and nobody gets them? Are recent fashion trends in Japan sophisticated artistic expression, or just gaudy overdecoration? In volume 9, Zetsubousensei loses his job, his freedom, and… his glasses!? And to top it off, the students of class 2F are informed that they will all be held back in the eleventh grade… again. Includes special extras after the story!



School Rumble by Jin Kobayashi

(Volumes 1 – 5)

Story Summary:
SUBTLETY IS FOR WIMPS! She . . . is a second-year high school student with a single all-consuming question: Will the boy she likes ever really notice her? He . . . is the school’s most notorious juvenile delinquent and he’s suddenly come to a shocking realization: He’s got a huge crush, and now he must tell her how he feels. Life-changing obsessions, colossal foul-ups, grand schemes, deep-seated anxieties, and raging hormones–School Rumble portrays high school as it really is: over-the-top comedy!



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