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Manga Planet Licenses Seven Yuri Super Light Novels from Parsola Inc.

First Love Story: Shino x Asuka Story, Yuri Will Not Blossom at Work!, and five other yuri super light novels to be released on Manga Planet!

Ikebukuro, Japan – Manga Planet is happy to announce the license acquisition of the following yuri super light novel* titles from Parsola Inc.:

First Love Story: Shino x Asuka Story

Japanese Title: 初恋シグナル 【しの&あすか編】(Hatsukoi Signal (Shino & Asuka Hen))
Story: favary Inc./Kosame Tamaoki / Art: Hibiki Aoto
Release Date: November 30, 2020

Ever since Shino saw Asuka take the stage to lead the freshman pledge, she knew they were in entirely different worlds. Intelligent, endlessly talented Asuka is the type who’d only be friends with fellow preppy girls – never ordinary girls like her! The right plan of action for Shino is to fit in by sticking close to her old friends, getting through academics somehow, and snagging herself a boyfriend. But when Asuka herself asks Shino to be her friend, does fitting in even matter?


Yuri Will Not Blossom at Work!

Japanese Title: オフィスに百合は咲きません (Office ni Yuri wa Sakimasen)
Story: Mai Yanagawa / Art: Ruri Hazuki
Release Date: December 2, 2020

Just as Rikka thinks the matchmaking event she grudgingly signed up for can’t get any more dreadful, she runs into her colleague-slash-rival Yuri Kisugi.

Using Rikka’s embarrassment as leverage, Yuri compels Rikka into helping her find the perfect candidate to marry. With the advice – rather, the unnecessary commentary – of her two other colleagues Shiori and Ruiko, Rikka goes along with Yuri’s antics with the hopes it will lead her rival away while she climbs up the company ranks. What happens when Rikka’s nurturing tendencies coincide with Yuri’s secret vulnerabilities?…


Sasayaki no Kiss -Read my lips.-

Japanese Title: 囁きのキス~Read my lips. (Sasayaki no Kiss – Read my lips.)
Story: Kumako Nambu / Art: Akiko Morishima
Release Date: December 5, 2020

Haruka has always lived in a soundless world. But not in her dreams, where she can hear her own voice – and the voice of the only other person in the dream with her, a beautiful high school student wearing an adorable, unfamiliar school uniform. Haruka knows this is just a dream, but why does a part of her think it’s more than that? Is this girl she finds falling asleep in the park really the literal girl of her dreams?


Pianissimo of the Lips -Angels After School-

Japanese Title: くちびるピアニシモ~放課後の天使たち (Kuchibiru Pianissimo – Houkago no Tenshitachi)
Story: Kumako Nambu / Art: Yuu Keijima
Release Date: December 6, 2020

Rina Shiina’s life was suddenly ripped apart and, as a result, has to repeat a year, making her infamous among her classmates. Always alone, Shiina finds refuge at the emergency stairs where she shares her lunch with an injured kitten. Coincidentally, a stereotypically old-fashioned nerdy looking girl with thick glasses comes to care for the injured stray, only to run away after seeing Shiina there. Inviting her to share the space, Shiina and Glasses Girl -Kurumi Kamiya- become more and more comfortable in each others’ companies. One day, the kitten suddenly disappears. Devastated, neither Kamiya nor her glasses can hold back her tears, and after her transformation in front of Shiina, her kitten is not the only thing she loses.


LOVELY! -My Adorable Mamecchi

Japanese Title: LOVELY!~愛しのまめっち (LOVELY! – Itoshi no Mamecchi)
Story: Kumako Nambu / Art: Hiromi Takashima
Release Date: December 1, 2020

Everyone may have their eyes on the charming, prince-like Hikaru, but there’s only one person Hikaru’s got her eyes on – her darling childhood friend Mamecchi! But between Mamecchi’s hot-and-cold personality and Hikaru’s subconscious denials, this sure doesn’t look like a recipe for success…when a certain repeat customer gets into Mamecchi’s good graces, will Hikaru finally muster up the courage to confess to her first love?


Two Guns Under the Sheet

Japanese Title: シーツの下に銃ふたつ (Sheets no Shita ni Juu Futatsu)
Story: Nanaoku Hoshii / Art: Taki Kitao
Release Date: December 3, 2020

All Aya ever wanted was a one-night stand who could take her mind off her lost love, but with Sakura, she may have finally gotten more than a one-night stand – she may have finally found “The One”! But before she rushes into imagining their future together, there’s one uncomfortable question Aya has to face first – could it be possible that her beautiful new love is somehow related to the same organization she’s bound by duty to destroy?


Yurizen! Salon -Shirayuri’s Comforting Food Therapy-

Japanese Title: ゆりぜん~サロン白百合のあったか薬膳ごはん  (Yuri Zen -Salon Shirayuri no Attaka Yakuzen Gohan)
Story: Kumako Nambu / Art: Miso Higashikawa
Release Date: December 4, 2020

Was it fate that led to Miiko meeting Doctor Shirayuri that one rainy day…or was it just her cramps? Pâtissier Miiko works through little pains like the rest of us, but when her ailments begin to affect her work, there’s got to be something she can do about it. Enter beautiful, mysterious herbal medicine doctor Shirayuri, who might be the solution to Miiko’s problems – in more ways than one!



*English titles and release dates may change without prior notice.


Super light novels are shorter than average light novels with three to four sentences on one page and more illustrations. One volume has 10,000 words at most and can typically be finished in one sitting.

The first volume of these Parsola titles will be available for free in the Manga Planet Library. Subscribers to the Library get to read the succeeding chapters in addition to other manga titles from Thirdline, SOZO Comics, Tokuma Shoten, Home-sha, Inc., LEED Publishing Co., Ltd., San-ei Corporation, WANIBOOKS Co., Ltd., SHONENGAHOSHA, and by mangaka Masaya Hokazono and Nakashima723.

Negotiations with other publishers such as SHODENSHA Publishing Co., Ltd., BUNKASHA PUBLISHING Co., Ltd., KAIOHSHA PUBLISHING Co., Ltd., Starts Publishing Corporation, K.K. HarperCollins Japan, MUGENUP Inc., are going smoothly and we will post information on upcoming licensed titles on mangaplanet.com soon.


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