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Manga Planet Launches Online Manga Subscription Service

Subscribers pay $6.99 a month to access a manga library that supports artists and the industry.

Ikebukuro, Japan – Manga Planet opens its online subscription service for officially licensed manga on November 18, 2019. Readers who sign up and pay a flat monthly fee of $6.99 will have unlimited access to Manga Planet’s collection of English-translated manga.

During November, Manga Planet will release the following titles published by LEED Publishing Co., Ltd. and SAN-EI Corporation Co., Ltd.

Toward the Terra by Keiko Takemiya
Hana Gurui by Fumi Shimomura
Gaira by Syufo Itahashi
Call of Cthulhu by H.P. Lovecraft and Satoshi Ogawa
Inugami Kai by Masaya Hokazono
Hoshi Demitasse by Yusu Matsumoto
My Favorite Carrera by Kia Asamiya

The first chapters of these titles are available for free at the Manga Planet library: https://read.mangaplanet.com.

Manga Planet is also working with publishers BUNKASHA PUBLISHING Co., Ltd., KAIOHSHA PUBLISHING Co., Ltd., WANI BOOKS CO., LTD., TOKUMA SHOTEN PUBLISHING Co., Ltd., SHODENSHA Publishing Co., Ltd., Home-sha, Starts Publishing Corporation, K.K. HarperCollins Japan, MUGENUP Inc., and artists such as Masaya Hokazono. More information on licensed titles from these publishers and artists will be released on mangaplanet.com.

Manga Planet: Read Manga, Support Artists

In 2012, Manga Planet started as a joint project between Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. and FANTASISTA, INC. to research and explore the ways manga is read throughout the world. With the goal of bringing new manga to fans from all over the world and support artists and the industry, Manga Planet pushes for affordability and access to manga through a subscription based service.

Manga Planet Launch Manga Planet Launch Manga Planet Launch


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