Manga Planet’s Exclusive Interview with Yutsuki Inumura, The Golden Age of Decadence Artist

Manga Planet is proud to present our exclusive interview with Yutsuki Inumura, the artist for The Golden Age of Decadence.

Yutsuki Inumura

After working as a graphic and web designer for years, Yutsuki Inumura became a freelance illustrator in 2007. The Golden Age of Decadence is Inumura’s first manga series. Inumura kindly took time out of her busy schedule to share her thoughts on creating manga and The Golden Age of Decadence.

You can follow her on Twitter at @yutsuki_cs to see her latest work!

When did you start drawing manga?

Actually, I hadn’t actually drawn manga before The Golden Age of Decadence, but I have been drawing since I was a 4th grader in elementary school.

What inspired you to begin drawing?

I drew for a magazine my friend made in elementary school. If I remember right, it was a fantasy gag manga (lol).

Do you have a favorite anime or manga series?

For a long time, I’ve liked Jing: King of BanditsI also like Black Jack, Immortal Rain, and A Bride’s Story.

What influences you as an artist?

There are a lot of music and games that influence me. But as for illustrators and mangaka, Tatsuya Yoshikawa, Yuichi Kumakura, Shirow Miwa, and Sumomo Yumeka inspire me in particular.

What is your favorite part of The Golden Age of Decadence

Baudelaire and Cocteau’s relationship. Also, I particularly like Huysmans’s design.

The Golden Age of Decadence
What is the relationship between these two?

Do you have words of encouragement for aspiring artists and mangaka?

What you are thinking, and what you actually make into reality is absolutely not useless. So if it’s something you like, don’t give up and keep trying.

Do you have any final words you would like to tell the readers?

I never thought I would be drawing manga, but if you can enjoy Kasuga-sensei’s world, I’ll be happy.  

Be sure to check out Inumura‘s manga here on Manga Planet! The Golden Age of Decadence and After School! are also available on Kindle.
The golden age of decadence

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