Manga Planet Community Survey #1 Responses

Manga Readership

Hello from Manga Planet! We are a collaborative project working to connect manga fans around the world.

Last month, we asked manga fans around the world about their manga reading habits. We received a total of 128 responses over a week. Here are the results.

Where do you currently reside? 

Manga fans currently residing in 22 countries answered the survey. The 128 respondents reside in  the United States of America (41.4%), the Philippines (8.6%), Australia (7%), Canada and Japan (5.5%), Indonesia (4.7%), United Kingdom (3.9%), Brazil, Germany and Mexico (3.1%), India and Finland (2.3%), Malaysia and the Netherlands (1.6%), and Belgium, Brunei, Czech Republic, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Ukraine  (0.8%).

What is your age?

44.1% of the respondents are 25-30 years old. Those aged between 31-40 came second at 27.6%. Third are in the 18-24 age group at 26%. 2.4% are in the 41-50 age group.

Which genre of manga do you read most?

In terms of genre of manga read most by the respondents, boys’ love comes on top (28.7%), followed by shounen manga (20.9%), seinen manga (16.3%), shoujo manga (14.7%), josei manga (12.4%) and others (6.2%) which include yuri, harem, psychological, any genre and all of the genres mentioned above.

How do you prefer reading manga?

When asked about their preference on how they read manga, 57% of the respondents prefer reading manga on print, while 33.6% prefer reading digital manga. 8.6% answered the prefer reading both and 0.8% responded with no preference.

What do you use to read manga?

When actually reading manga, respondents read manga in multiple ways. Some read licensed manga on apps (30.3%) the most. 25.8% read licensed manga on a web browser, while 22.5% still read scanlated manga on the same platform. 12.3% answered that they read scanlated manga using apps. 9% still prefer reading printed copies by buying the actual books or borrowing from the local library.

Which services do you use to read manga?

Amazon Kindle (14.5%), VIZ (14.1%) and Crunchyroll (13.8%) are the top three services used by the respondents to read manga when asked to choose all services that they use. BookWalker (10.4%) comes in 4th place, Comixology (6.1%) in 5th, Google Play (6.1%) in 6th, Renta! (5.7%) in 7th, futekiya (5.4%) in 8th, Physical copy (3.7%) in 9th and iBooks (3%) in 10th. Other services used include Kobo, SuBLime, and others (1%), Coolmic, Publisher’s website, MANGA.CLUB, Nook, and Pixiv (0.7%), and ebookjapan, June, Lezhin, Mangakakalot, Moonreader+, OverDrive, Tappytoons, Honto, Manga Rock, MangaDex, and  MyReadingManga (0.3%).

What attracts you to read manga?

When asked to select all factors that attract respondents to read manga, 34.9% of said they are attracted to the story. 31.4% is attracted by the art. 23.8% said the theme of the manga attracts them, while 6.4% is attracted to the manga when it is easy to read. Other responses include the author and their abilities to express different things in the manga.

Where do you get information on manga?

Lastly, respondents were asked choose all sources they use to get information on manga.  27.8% of the respondents get their information on manga on Twitter while 19.9% get their information by word of mouth. Respondents also check Manga Updates/Baka-Updates (14.6%) and Anime News Network (13.2%) online for information, while 6% go to their local bookstores for news. Events (5.3%) still provide details on manga. Other sources include Instagram (3.3%) Anime Planet and Facebook (2%), YouTube,, Otaku USA, Reddit, podcasts, and other websites (0.7%).


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We will be back again with another Community Survey soon. Thank you to all who participated in this survey!

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