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Manga Planet Chapter Updates: November 2022 Week 4

Hello from Manga Planet! Here’s our list of manga chapter updates on Manga Planet for Week 4, November 2022. Make sure to keep up with updates from Manga Planet by following us on Twitter!


Manga Planet October 2022 Week 4 new release: Charge Men's School

Charge!! Men’s School, Vol. 28 by Akira Miyashita

Chapter 250: The Long-Awaited Moment!!
Otokujuku has finally made its way to the end of the Heaven-Challenging Olympics.

Chapter 251: The Fierce Noble Shield Advance!!
The Four Heavenly Kings will do anything to ensure their juniors live to see another day. But does this even work against bullets?

Chapter 252: Toudou, the Archenemy!!
Heihachi Edajima, the Principal of Otokojuku, has arrived. He will bring Toudou down with his own hands.

Chapter 253: The Disappearance of Meio Island!!
Toudou knows he won’t win this match, so he’s prepared every dirty trick in the book. Unfortunately for him, Momo thought ahead.

Chapter 254: A Fearless New Student!!
It’s been a whole month since our fighters left for the Heaven-Challenging Olympics. How has Otokojuku been in their absence?

Chapter 255: Tougou’s Challenge!!
A cheeky freshman has challenged Momo for his seat as the representative of Otokojuku. How will they duel this out?

Chapter 256: Battle of “Skills”!!
While Momo’s duel with the freshman continues, who else has noticed that the Principal of Otokojuku has gone missing?

Chapter 257: Summoned to Hell!!
Just when one battle ends, another has just begun…who are these Dark Fangs and what exactly did they do with the Principal?

Chapter 258: The Night Before Departure!!
Otokojuku’s currently under new leadership. If they’re getting the Principal back, Wang Ta-Ren will throw his students a banquet to remember.

Story Summary:
Otokojuku is the kind of school that seems like it’s up to no good. For most of their students, this is the only place that will take them despite or even because of their violence issues. Headmaster Heihachi Edajima believes that giving young men a military education will provide them with brighter futures, but how much is wishful thinking?


Kiss the Sweet Night Rose by Mick Takeuchi *NEW*

Chapter 1-1
Holly Colette wants nothing more but to meet the man who took her in, but there’s been a misunderstanding.

Chapter 1-2
As leader of the Night Breed, Gideon already has a lot on his mind. His accidental bride is now one of them.

Chapter 1-3
Holly knows there has to be something she can do to be useful as Gideon’s bride, but how can she help if he won’t let her?

Chapter 1-4
Holly wants to run away from this feeling of being rejected by her beloved Gideon. But that man lurking in the shadows is much more horrible…

Story Summary:
Holly Colette has snuck into the Granville Castle, but not maliciously. Quite the contrary, Holly Colette has snuck into the Granville Castle because she wants to hand-deliver a letter to the man who saved her life.

Holly spent a part of her childhood in the castle but has not been back since she left for school ten years earlier. Her memory is hazy, but… oh yes! This must be his room…! While waiting, Holly dozes off and… wakes up to her rescuer mistaking her for his bride!? Holly is about to learn the truth about the old castle and her savior, the mysterious Gideon Granville..!




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