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Manga Planet Chapter Updates: November 2022 Week 2

Hello from Manga Planet! Here’s our list of manga chapter updates on Manga Planet for Week 2, November 2022. Make sure to keep up with updates from Manga Planet by following us on Twitter!


Elegant Lessons with President Kunikida, Vol. 3 by Riko Yuuki

Lesson 9
President Kunikida tells Mei he wants to end their fake relationship. Will she let him go so easily?

Lesson 10
Leon Raito Kunikida had always kept his emotions to himself. But something about Mei makes him want to feel again.

Final Lesson
Our newlyweds are enjoying their private Carribean honeymoon. But before that, how did Asuka’s performance go?

The Elegant Days of Asuka Tendo /Afterword /Bonus Chapter (FINAL CHAPTER)
Famous dancer Asuka Tendo keeps inviting himself into ordinary Yumi’s ordinary apartment. What’s going on here?

Story Summary:
Mei Hoshino wants to be loved by a gorgeous gentleman-like in romance novels. What she didn’t expect was for the President of her company to be exactly that…! Mei is a beauty consultant for a widely successful cosmetics maker. Not only is she a consultant, but she is also the season’s most requested employee by customers in the salon, earning her the reward of an elegant lunch with President Kunikida himself! Mei can’t believe that the gorgeous gentleman of her dreams actually exists. She also can’t believe she dared to ask him to a one-night stand…!


Fade-Away Bunny, Vol. 7 by Shiori Kawana

Can’t Get Out of Bed
When you just don’t want to get out of bed, you get creative.

Secret Stint
Suu-tan’s on the way to her night shift today.

The Cabaret Club
Mami-chan knows what people want to hear.

Heart Recovery Ⅳ
When the meds just can’t fix it, Suu-tan goes to the Heart Repairmen.

I Can See Death
Kuu-tan finally gets to see his girlfriend’s weird roomie.

Medicine Pill Keychain
Suu-tan’s online business is doing well. What does she do with the profit?

Suu-tan wants to say the truth, but she doesn’t want to stay here again…

Drug Talks With Nyankee
Nyankee’s come over to visit. How does Nyankee and Suu-tan “hang out”?

Kitty Zombie Torture Version
Suu-tan just has to have the new Kitty Zombies in all their colorways. What does Kuu-tan think?

Estranged Tea
Suu-tan wants to stop her livestreaming. Maybe a nice cup of tea would help.

Ambushed by a Customer
Suu-tan’s “Riri” is clocked out for tonight. Why is this customer following her?

The Sparkly, Clingy, Mami-Chan
Wasn’t Mami-chan going to move away from the Pretty Pretty District? Why is she staying?

I’ll Leave the World As Trash
Suu-tan doesn’t know what to do with her life. Maybe Usa-tan has ideas.

Black Hole Blanket
A package just arrived. Why does Suu-tan need this blanket?

Generic Drugs Don’t Work
Suu-tan has brand loyalty to her medications. Is there a reason she can’t go generic?

Barely Alive
Suu-tan still hasn’t left the bed. Death himself is beginning to worry.

I Wish I Was a Plushie
Sometimes, being sentient isn’t all that amazing.

Everyone in the World Is Good
The Angel’s Assembly is very, very sketchy. Can Suu-tan get her way out of this?

Doom Doom and Gloom Gloom
Doom Doom and Gloom Gloom have made themselves at home in Suu-tan’s apartment.

Disappearing From the World
If you’re tonkatsu, the world won’t think you’re human.

The VIP Pass to the Land of Sleep
Suu-tan doesn’t have the best history with sleep. Today just might be her exception…

How Insomniacs Sleep
Kuu-tan’s just worried about his insomniac girlfriend.

Silent Beauty Parlor
This is a silent beauty parlor. What does Suu-tan want to have today?

Rainy or Cloudy, I Like It Gloomy
Suu-tan likes the rainy season way better than the cheerful summer.

Changing Glooms to Bucks
The phone bill has just exploded this month. Can the Gloom Bank help?

The Road to Hell
Death wants to use the space under Suu-tan’s sink. What did he put there?

The Real Gloomy Sickly Alice
Nyankee shows Suu-tan her favorite keychains. Suu-tan remembers them well.

I Wish It Was Always Night
Suu-tan visits her holy grail item, the Prolonged Midnight Clock.

New Products at the Heart Repair
Are there new offerings at the Heart Repair? Suu-tan’s about to find out.

The Book That Makes You Want To Die Even More
Death just got back from Hell, and he has a present for Suu-tan.

Story Summary:
Suu-tan may look like the most adorable, fluffiest little bunny, but her inner thoughts are anything BUT adorable and fluffy. What dark, gloomy thoughts could be brewing inside her pretty little head? (CONTENT WARNINGS: Suicidal ideations, self-harm, and drug overdose)




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