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Manga Planet Chapter Updates: November 2022 Week 1

Hello from Manga Planet! Here’s our list of manga chapter updates on Manga Planet for Week 1, November 2022. Make sure to keep up with updates from Manga Planet by following us on Twitter!


Manga Planet Chapter Updates November 1 Week 1: ZAN

ZAN, Vol. 13, Ch. 13 by Yoshitaka Amano, Mark A.Z. Dippe (Story), and GORIO21/Taishi N. (Art)

Chapter 13
It had been a long time ever since somebody who could challenge Uroboros last appeared.

Story Summary:
Yoshitsugu is a samurai wandering during the Boshin War period with no memory of who he is. One day, a spirit goddess appears in front of him and points him down a journey to regain his memories. As he slowly regains his memories, it turns out that his true identity is Zan, one of the Twelve generals of the Army of Light scattered throughout different times and different worlds. Now on a mission to find his fellow generals, will he be able to fulfill his duty? What exactly is he fighting for?


Manga Planet Chapter Updates November 1 Week 1: Yakuza and Flowers

Yakuza and Flowers, Vol. 3 by Tsumika Abe

Yakuza and Flowers Flower.6
Saki and Renji fell in love at first sight, just like Saki’s parents. Will they end up like them, too?

Yakuza and Flowers Flower.7
Ms. Hatsune is a wonderful woman who makes Renji smile. Saki can’t help but feel jealous.

Yakuza and Flowers Flower.8
Renji won’t let Saki run from him this time. Will she spill her guts when he’s got her tied up?

Center of the Earth / Afterword
Ms. Satonaka has always been on the sidelines of life – the exact opposite of gorgeous Mr. Hanyu.

Story Summary:
“Yakuza and Flowers”: Saki Ogawa lives a similar life to the flowers she tends to: she wakes up in the morning, is active while the sun is out, then goes to sleep at night to repeat it all the next day. So when she goes to a nightclub for a delivery, Saki enters a new world full of allure and mystique. The nightclub owner Renji Kanamori is just that: alluring and mysterious. Saki can only imagine all of the shady business he must conduct. At least she won’t have anything to do with him…!

“The Triangle Fighter”: Hana and Rui have been dating for three years. And yet… they haven’t been able to go all the way. Every time they get close, Hana instinctively throws hands as if she were in the ring… Rui’s learned to dodge them lately, but the couple won’t be able to avoid talking about it forever!


Manga Planet Chapter Updates November 1 Week 1: My Favorite Carrera EV

My Favorite Carrera EV, Vol. 6 by Kia Asamiya

#54 The White Swan’s Round
Sakura Shiratori can bring out the 930 Turbo’s power to its max. It wasn’t easy for her to get here…

#55 Reina and the RS’s Physical Examination
Ever since Reina got her RS, has she gotten it checked out? She really should.

#56 Mr. Self-Centered vs. Big Boobs
Reina just wants to absorb all this alignment data. She did not want to run into this annoying journalist.

#57 Water and Oil
No thanks to the pouring rain, Reina has to share her car with this Kyosuke Hibiki guy.

#58 Couple Tales II: Paruko Kirisima’s Escape From the Ordinary
Paruko is not pleased with Reina right now, and her storyboard is nowhere to be found.

#59 Couple Tales II: Paruko Kirisima’s Return From the Ordinary
Reina gets ahold of Paruko for a few, choppy seconds. Is this enough information for Reina to find her?

#60 Reina Leaves the Editorial Department
Reina’s going to get transferred to the car magazine “Driven”. How is she going to prepare for the leave?

#61 Graduation Driving Tour in Hakone
It’s time for Reina’s farewell drive with her authors to start. Will their friendship last even outside business?

#62 Reina Sets on New Journey
All that Reina wants is to get home safely. But when a super car goes speeding along the road…

#63 Reina’s Welcome Party
It’s Reina’s first day at her new editorial department. Now she’s supposed to win against her boss…?

#64 Porsche vs March
Reina has to win this race somehow, but how can she when Chief knows these roads like the back of her hand?

#65 500 Guy
Reina knows absolutely nothing about baseball, but she does know about cars — in particular, this baseball player’s Benz!

Story Summary:
22-year-old Reina Todoroki inherits her father’s bright pink Porsche Carrera RS upon his sudden death. She knows practically nothing about this Porsche, much less how to drive them! Reina wants to honor her father’s memory through the car he’d taken care of in his final years, but first she has to learn how to drive stick…



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