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Manga Planet Chapter Updates: November 2020 Week 3

Hello from Manga Planet! Here’s our manga chapter updates list for Week 3, November 2020. This week, we added 3 titles by Nobuyuki Fukumoto: The Legend of the Strongest, Kurosawa!, Gambling Emperor Legend Zero, and Gambling Apocalypse Kaiji

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Tsumanuda Fight Town by Michirou Ueyama

FIGHT 7: A Tough Opponent –
With Dorae’s guidance, Mitsuru had won nine fights back-to-back so far. Will the new tenants moving in knock him down a few notches?

FIGHT 8: The Cellar –
Hot on the heels of his first Tsumanuda defeat, Mitsuru asks Dorae for some special training – but can he handle what she has in store for him?

Story Summary:
Mitsuru Yaegashi arrives in Tokyo with hopes of being a professional illustrator. But things take a turn when he finds out that the location of the cheap apartment he’s supposed to stay in, Tsumanuda, is famous for its legalized street fights and is for street fighters only. He is about ready to look for other options when he meets a mysterious woman in a maid outfit named Dorae, who introduces him to the world of street fighting.


Chie Shinkyu’s Nekobitashi: The Daily Life of Chie and Her Cats by Chie Shinkyu

While Chie gets ready to move to the new place, Sen and Tsubu stay at her parents’ house. How will Non react to these silly kids?

What do Sen and Tsubu think about their new home? At least they don’t seem to hate it, but…do they even like it?

Story Summary:
After mourning the loss of her beloved feline companion Suu, manga artist and cat mom Chie Shinkyu decides to turn over a new leaf and find herself a new baby to love! Following a tip from her brother-in-law, Chie picks up the stray she calls “Sen” and takes him home with her. Surely nothing’s going to go wrong… right?


The Legend of the Strongest, Kurosawa! by Nobuyuki Fukumoto *NEW*

Kurosawa is sick and tired of his meaningless daily life. Is the age of 44 too late to turn his life around?

Kurosawa just wants his coworkers to know he can do great things, too! Is there something he can do to catch their attention?

If everyone has to choose, a friendly, helpful guy like Akamatsu is definitely better than the dull, gloomy Kurosawa! Will nobody really want to be Kurosawa’s friend?

Story Summary:
Kurosawa is sick and tired of his boring, ordinary life growing old as the less popular site foreman in Anahira Construction. The turning point comes when his 44th birthday comes along, and no one remembers or celebrates with him. Realizing he lived a life without drive or purpose, Kurosawa tries to go past his comfort zone to turn his life around. Will his newfound shenanigans help him or hurt him when he gets caught up in fights with delinquents?


Harmony from the Ears by Wadapen

Final episode –
Nene, Hibiki and Midi talk about what the future could bring to headphones, and to the enjoyment of music in general.

Story Summary:
Lured by a shady note into an empty music room, Nene opens the door to find… a pair of headphones? But not just any pair of headphones, a luxurious pair of headphones that had helped popular musicians the world over create beautiful music! Listening to her favorite song through them awakens Nene’s love for headphones, but one more question – who brought her here?


The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior by Ruri Miyahara

Volume 9, Chapter 9 –
Usa and Ritsu talk about what they want to do in the future. Meanwhile, a familiar name from Shiro’s shameful history makes a reappearance…?

Volume 10, Chapter 1 –
Usa and Ritsu talk about what they want to do in the future. Meanwhile, a familiar name from Shiro’s shameful history makes a reappearance…?

Volume 10, Chapter 2 –
Ijima’s come over to visit, and apparently…Shiro told him a lot about Mayumi?? Is Shiro’s perverted friend really this prim and proper publishing company employee?

Story Summary:
Thanks to his parents’ job transfer, Usa has to live on his own. The problem is, his new place is full of weird people, and the upperclassman he admires is one of them…? A teenage romance comedy that’s heavier on the humor, not so much on the romance!


Gambling Emperor Legend Zero by Nobuyuki Fukumoto *NEW*

A mysterious mastermind Zero goes all over the news for returning money lost to bank transfer fraud.

Zero and his three teenage teammates find themselves at Mr. Zaizen’s “challenge for an emperor”. What exactly does this entail?

Story Summary:
Gambling genius Zero saves three teenagers from their group suicide attempt and convinces them to work with him, acting as “Robin Hood” and returning swindled money back to their original owners. But when the swindlers themselves catch their ragtag team, one thing leads into another, and suddenly they’re all being invited to Muryo Zaizen’s big tournament – a gambling free-for-all where the stakes are high, and the mortality rate is higher! With nothing but his quick wit, can Zero get out of the competition alive?


Peacock King by Makoto Ogino

Kujaku resorts to drastic measures just so he can trace his way back to the Dakini. Meanwhile, what does Master Jikuu’s companion Miki have to do with all this?

None of Kujaku’s techniques appear to work on Miki – no, on the Kyo-oh Butsu! Can he really destroy the evil without harming her?

Story Summary:
When people have problems of a spiritual nature, they know who to go to for help – high up in Mt. Koya, where the Koya Hijiri live, there is a young man named Kujaku, after the Peacock Wisdom King Mahamayuri. With his spiritual skills, chasing back malicious spirits is a piece of cake for fearless Kujaku – but are these daily threats all that life has in store for him?


SoreMachi: And Yet the Town Moves by Masakazu Ishiguro

Hotori’s parents get into a fight after her dad buys a metal disk with a hefty price tag – 100,000 yen! But does it really work?

After being on the receiving end of an unexpected confession, Hotori wakes up early to go fishing with Sanada.

Tattsun brings Hotori with her to check out a family restaurant’s promotional menu for an anime she likes. Meanwhile, Kon-senpai finds her way into a TV drama filming location…

Story Summary:
There is a small maid cafe that nearly nobody goes to – Maid Cafe Seaside, quiet enough for Sanada to do his homework in. His airheaded classmate and childhood friend Arashiyama works as the cafe’s only maid, and though she looks just like a cute maid waitress, she sure doesn’t act like one. What happens when her friends stop by for a visit?


Gambling Apocalypse Kaiji by Nobuyuki Fukumoto *NEW*

When Kaiji gets conned into a corner, the only choice he has left is to gamble his way through it!

Kaiji asks loan shark Endo if he knows anything else about the gambling boat Espoir. To hear him tell it, this would be Kaiji’s last hope – but is it really?

Tension is already running high even before a single gamble is made on the Espoir – who even compounds interest every ten minutes?

After divvying up the borrowed funds amongst everyone, the hallmaster introduces the first game for the evening – “limited” rock, paper, scissors!

Story Summary:
After getting roped into a former coworker’s debt as his cosigner, Kaiji Ito finds himself stuck with an astronomical amount of debt. The loan shark Endo gives him one last chance – get onboard the gambling boat Espoir and win his freedom back by facing aimless young people in the same situation as him. There’s just one problem – a fate worse than death awaits those who lose on the Espoir.


Silver Fang – The Shooting Star Gin – by Yoshihiro Takahashi

It looks like a peaceful negotiation is out of the cards between Ben’s pack and the Moss’ pack in Kasumi Dake. Meanwhile, where are Smith and Gin now?

Story Summary:
In the snowy mountains of Akita, Daisuke and his parents manage a skiing ground. Daisuke grows up with great tales of bear hunter Gohee Takeda and his bear hounds, among them their skirmish with the dangerous Akakabuto, a great bear that’s terrorizing the mountains. On the day old man Takeda decides to hunt for Akakabuto again with his loyal bear hound, Riki is the day a rare brindle puppy was born. Daisuke names the pup “Gin,” and thus begins a pup’s journey to being a great bear hound.


Sun-Ken Rock by Boichi

Level.78 –
Just when it seems like the Sun-Ken Rock gang has gotten their rare moment of peace, three of their men get taken out by a single guy!

Level.79 –
Upon hearing from their wounded comrades, team Sun-Ken Rock is furious and wants and wants to exact revenge. But is this a battle that they’re prepared to fight?

Story Summary:
Delinquent Ken goes to Korea to follow the girl he loves and to become a police officer by her side. His dropout status and nationality don’t do him any favors. Still, after protecting a roadside vendor one night, he gets an offer from the opposite side of the law – join this guy’s “geondal,” a Korean mafia group, as its new boss!


The Shop Cats of Tokyo by ms-work(Nekomaki)

The Chief brings our Neko Neko Publishing duo to a little florist in Kita Senju, to see their impish shop cat Hone! Is it really that hard for her to open up to others?

Story Summary:
Within the back alleys fusing retro and modern aesthetics, Chief, the cat in charge of the Tourist Information Center guides feline tourists to the actual shops best known for their respective cats.


Magical☆Taruruto by Tatsuya Egawa

There’s an attractive older lady in Honmaru’s house, claiming she’s Taruruto’s big sister. Is Taruruto playing tricks on him again?

Honmaru and Iyona go bowling together, but will siblings Taru and Ria make their time together better or worse?

Story Summary:
If you say the right words, one of Honmaru’s dad’s old books can summon a magician. His name is Taruruto, and he can grant wishes – but doing good deeds makes him weaker! All that Honmaru wants is to stop being bullied and to get to hang out with his new friend Iyona. Can Taruruto do something about that?


Raise the Demon by Keito Yoshikawa

Tokunaga goes back home to Japan to witness the birth of his child, but how has Ameku been doing without him? Can a strange girl’s story help him get onto something good?

Ameku and Ling Yu’s brother Xiao Li barely make it out of Fengtian’s unusual beast store alive. What is the mysterious shopkeeper up to this time?

Story Summary:
One rainy day while Motoi and his friend, Reiichi were on their way home, they encountered a young girl who looked like a foreigner who then led them to a shop by a hill slope. There, they meet the shop owner, an old man named Shouten, who deals with exotic wildlife – both ordinary and unordinary: demon beasts. Fascinated by the mysterious beasts the shop holds, Motoi agrees to work and raise a demon. Motoi’s journey of encountering different demon beasts begins.


Enoshima Waikiki Cafe by Haruko Okai

Volume 6, CHAPTER 2 –
If Audrey could speak, what would Yori have her do? He wants to put her on delivery duty, apparently! Can Audrey fulfill her first delivery order?

Volume 6, CHAPTER 3 –
Yori was 17 when he learned of his grandfather’s last request – that he keep an eye out for “the sublime being” that watches over their family. He really wishes it was a dragon…

Volume 6, CHAPTER 4 –
Yori finally realized he wants to be a chef, but what kind of chef will he strive to become? Meanwhile, the weird stray cat he picked up follows him to school…

Story Summary:
Cafe Waikiki is so empty that owner-chef Yori swears he’s been hearing voices. Why isn’t he getting any customers? His cooking can’t be that bad, and it’s not like he’s in the wrong location, so what other reason could there be for this to happen?


Kuro’s Cat Rental by Ranma Kusumi

Episode 8 –
Kuro and Masa greet the cat rental shop’s newest customer – a cat who used to be a samurai in his past life! And what does he need their help for? Revenge, of course!

Story Summary:
Quietly nestled within the hustle and bustle of the capital Edo is an infamous “cat rental shop.” Some cats get rented out; some cats get bought – everyone knows that as long as their problems are related to cats, there’s no better place to go. Adding to the mysteriousness is its beautiful owner Kuro, whose age and gender are both well-hidden secrets. Day after day, troubled customers come a-knocking…


Sound of the Sky by Hajime Yamamura

Both A and B Orchestra have started their rehearsals for the concert. How has Hibiki’s conducting changed since her last tries, and how has Kajiwara been coming along?

Akio got what he asked for surprisingly easily, but is he really cut out to be the concert master in the state he’s in right now?

If Akio wants to earn the title of Hibiki’s concert master, he has to learn more about being one – and fast! Will he be able to support Hibiki’s music like this?

Story Summary:
“When he was young, Akio, an aspiring violinist, was late to watch his Uncle’s orchestra rehearsal when he encountered a girl conducting in front of pigeons. Arriving at the rehearsal by break time, he is surprised to see the girl again. Her name is Hibiki Sonari, the orchestra conductor’s daughter, who proceeds to substitute for her father in conducting the orchestra with amazing results. Deeply moved by Hibiki’s sound, Akio seeks to replicate it. But as years go by, he finds himself slowly losing his passion for music. Despite that, he enters college as a violinist and is surprised to know that Hibiki entered the same college as an aspiring conductor. Will Hibiki be able to help Akio find what’s lacking in his music?


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