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Manga Planet Chapter Updates: June 2022 Week 3

Hello from Manga Planet! Here’s our list of manga chapter updates on Manga Planet for Week 3, June 2022.

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A Substitute Marriage With an Admirable Husband by Mio Tatsumoto *NEW*

Miya always wanted to be with her sister’s fiancé. Will a family emergency fulfill her biggest dream?

Miya and her husband Keniichiro go on their first hot springs trip together.

Miya’s name should be Miya Hirose by now. Why is her name not in Keniichiro’s family register yet?

Smile Again –
Ayako had always been made responsible for mistakes she had never made. Maybe a trip to Europe can help her make a new start.

Keniichiro’s always been a cool, perfect guy, but in front of Miya, he shows a different face.

Story Summary:
Sometimes all it takes is a little push from fate to find your true happiness…

“A Substitute Marriage With an Admirable Husband”: Miya has an older sister, Mirei. Mirei is elegant, proper, and polite, the family’s jewel. Miya, however, is none of that. She is scolded for being childish, wearing old kimonos, and having no manners. But even she admires her older sister, especially because Mirei will marry Kenichiro Hirose, Miya’s first and lifelong love.

As the days lead up to the big wedding, Mirei is nowhere to be found. This marriage is impossible without the bride! To everyone’s surprise, Miya takes her chance and volunteers to marry Kenichiro in her sister’s stead. Will this be the happily ever after she always wanted?

“Smile, Again”: It wasn’t her fault. This mistake was not Ayako’s fault. And yet, here she is again, apologizing for a mistake that. Wasn’t. Her. Fault. Ayako is like that. She is bullied for speaking slowly and being timid until she is pushed to quit her job. Ayako hates being like that. So when she meets dazzling and charming Hal while on a trip to Europe, Ayako grows a whole new shell. Maybe there are more ways Hal can bring a fresh breeze into Ayako’s life…


Yurizen! Salon -Shirayuri’s Comforting Food Therapy- by Kumako Nambu and Miso Higashikawa

CHAPTER 73 A Meal from a Goddess to Blast Away Stress(1) –
Kyouko still can’t believe that this goddess has agreed to become her lover. She’ll do anything to keep Anju by her side, but…

CHAPTER 74 A Meal from a Goddess to Blast Away Stress(2) –
Kyouko’s boss tells her something she’d wished she’d never hear. Will this ever reach Anju’s ears?

CHAPTER 75 A Meal from a Goddess to Blast Away Stress(3) –
How will Anju react to Kyouko’s news – will they really spend these three years apart?

CHAPTER 76 A Meal from a Goddess to Blast Away Stress(4) –
Anju brings Kyouko all the way to the supermarket. How will her cooking heal her sick lover?

Story Summary:
Was it fate that led to Miiko meeting Doctor Shirayuri that one rainy day…or was it just her cramps? Pâtissier Miiko works through little pains like the rest of us, but when her ailments begin to affect her work, there’s got to be something she can do about it. Enter beautiful, mysterious herbal medicine doctor Shirayuri, who might be the solution to Miiko’s problems – in more ways than one!



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