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Manga Planet Chapter Updates: June 2022 Week 1

Here’s our list of manga chapter updates on Manga Planet for Week 1, June 2022.
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No Cat No Life (Our Community Cat Project) by Rin Saito 

LIFE 18 –
The life of a feral cat is fraught with danger, even if they can find a place to be fed.

LIFE 19 –
A dog and a child get on the wrong end of some suspicious feed in the park – left there to target feral cats.

LIFE 20 –
Young catlover Aya doesn’t make friends easily – her brutal honesty just might have something to do with it.

LIFE 21 –
Apparently there’s a white cat floating right above Soh’s head. Why is Aya the only one who can see it?

LIFE 22 –
Chibikiji’s being discharged tomorrow. Can Soh step up and be the one to take care of him?

LIFE 23 –
Other than the expired food, there’s absolutely nothing in Soh’s fridge. Nothing, but…

LIFE 24 –
Aya can’t see the floating cat over Soh’s head anymore. What could this possibly mean?

LIFE 25 –
Someone from the neighborhood association takes matters into his own hands. Will attacking Maki even work?

LIFE 26 –
Maki’s schedule has always been jam-packed, and now that she isn’t feeling well, Soh has to keep up with her pace.

LIFE 27 –
In the end, Soh really is just another small life that Maki saved. What steps will he take next?

LIFE 28 –
It’s time for the town’s New Year’s Mochi Pounding Festival to begin. But for the feral cats…

Story Summary:
Soh Fujima has not been able to recover from grief after his cat’s recent passing. Nobody has seen or heard from him for ages, and he and his apartment are a mess.

Fujima lives on the sixth street, where many residents have been complaining about the neighborhood’s cat infestation. As he was holed up in his room, Fujima was unaware of the dire situation the stray cats of the sixth street were facing. Just as he was witnessing the capturing of stray cats to be sent off to their demise, a mysteriously strong figure appears in front of him to stop the barbarism: Maki Mishima.

How will Mishima try to stop these people from trying to get rid of the stray cats? Will Fujima be able to be of any help? And what in the world exactly is a “cat-munity”?!


Salary Man Kintaro by Hiroshi Motomiya

How has Kintaro and his family been doing ever since he left the salaryman life?

Will a fight between two men help out two separate fishing unions? Kintaro and Mr. Nemoto are about to find out.

Will Kintaro open the last letter that Mr. Morinosuke Yamato ever left for him?

Mr. Nemoto sees Kintaro spacing out on his fishing boat. Can he get to him before it’s too late?

Once more, with everyone else pushing him along, Kintaro goes back to the capital.

Story Summary:
Retired ex-bike gang leader of the “Hasshu” Kintaro Yajima leaves his hometown where he worked as a fisherman until his wife, Akemi, passed away. With his son, Ryouta, they go to Tokyo, where Kintaro would start with his new job: a salaryman. Now, the question is: would Kintaro be able to handle the office work and office politics being a salaryman brings?


ZAN by Yoshitaka Amano, Mark A.Z. Dippe,  GORIO21(Taishi N.)


If Zan wants Maria, he has to pass through the gate and come after her. Can he do it?

Story Summary:
Yoshitsugu is a samurai wandering during the Boshin War period with no memory of who he is. One day, a spirit goddess appears in front of him and points him down a journey to regain his memories. As he slowly regains his memories, it turns out that his true identity is Zan, one of the Twelve generals of the Army of Light scattered throughout different times and different worlds. Now on a mission to find his fellow generals, will he be able to fulfill his duty? What exactly is he fighting for?



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